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All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris

Year Published: 2007

My Rating: 5 stars

352 pages

Distance: Magnolia, Arkansas = 7536.1 miles / 12128.1 kilometers

This is the seventh book in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

This is the book where the Vampire convention really happens.. and boy are there surprises..

The surprises keep going on till the end of the book, one after the other.. this is a book I would definetly call a mystery, because you keep guessing whodoneit all the time!!

It's starts with Sookie flying with the Queen's party to Rhodes for the summit, they stay at the Pyramid of Gizah hotel, where she finds Barry the telepath and they get reaquianted.

The trial for the Queen is supposed to be one of the attractions of the summit.. can't say more!

Quinn is there for organizing some events :)

Some action with Eric, then the whole summit is in action.. This book was a BLAST :)

Quotes I liked from the book ..

“Being married here”-and Calvin waved a hand to indicate the little Hotshot community-“means being faithful to your mate, unless the mate has to breed to keep the group up. Since Crystal’s pretty much out of the running on that, Jason, that means she has to be faithful to you, and you to her. You don’t have mating obligations like the purebloods do.” Jason flushed at this reminder that his status was lesser since he was only a shifter because he’d been bitten by one, not because he’d been born with the gene. “So if Crystal runs around on you and a member of the community can attest to it, and if she can’t pay the price for some reason-pregnancy, or illness, or a kid to raise-I have to do it. We’re not talking money here, you understand?”
Jason nodded. “You’re talking physical punishment,” he said.
“Yes,” Calvin said. “Not only are you promising to be faithful, you’re also swearing to keep our secret.”

“Clovache,” she said. “Unknown device on four. I’m bringing the king back down.”
Clovache’s voice said, “How large is the device?” Her accent was sort of like Russian, at least to my untravelled ears. (“Hau larch…?”)
"The size of one of those cans of sweetened syrup,” Batanya answered.
“Ah, the burping drinks,” Clovache said.

Just then a tap on the music stand drew everyone’s attention to the band. It was all vampire, I noticed with a start. The slick-haired guy at the podium said, “If all you hot vamps and vampesses are ready to rumble, we’re ready to play! I’m Rick Clark, and this is…the Dead Man Dance Band!”
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Dar said...

Seventh book already! I've only made it through the first but did love it. I think I own five of them. I'll have to check and then pick up the rest. You know you can't have some of the series without all of it. lol.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Oh Dar so true.. I have the eighth but I don't want to touch it.. it will be the last book till the ninth will be out soon.. and then I will have to wait for God knows when she will publish another one, maybe a year :(
so I really don't want my Sookie experience to finish, I feel like Sookie is a friend of mine that I'm reading her journal or something like that.. how pathetic am I ?! ;) I just want it to go on and on!!

Alaine said...

Once again I agree with you. Must have similar tastes! Here is the link to my review

DeSeRt RoSe said...

It's so great to know that we have similar tastes :)

Thanks for the link Alaine I just added it to my review :)

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