Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dr Seuss Poems

Since March 2nd was Dr. Seuss's Birthday PBT at Shelfari has made a challenge to write Suessian style poems related to History (this month's tag).

So some of the members there have written some very good poems that I really enjoyed and thought of posting here..

JudithAnn wrote:

The past, the past,
I'm sure it will not last.

It's been there and it's gone
Its doings have been done.

What was is now no longer there
So you cannot find it now and here.

You often have to speculate
About what you did and what you ate.

Your brain will only remember bits
Of even your life's greatest hits.

And I have noticed with dismay
My past keeps changing, every day!

So I suggest, everyone, fast:
Just forget about the past.

Those things that are in history
Are a total mystery!

unicdreamer wrote:

Oh what a blast
These poems about the past.

I can't see through all my tears
I haven't laughed this much in years.

Oh dear me
I've laughed so much I have to pee.

My husband says, Honey
Whay are you moving so funny?

I say I'm doing the peepee dance
Oh crap, I've peed my pants!

Gale K wrote:

February came
With it's pink and red
Bringing with it chick lit
To Brad and Justin's dread!

Steph and Sookie
Ranger and Bill
Of chick lit
I have had my fill!

March is here
With it's joy for O'Green
It is no mystery
History is the scene!

Hamlet and Caesar
Helen of Troy,
A Kite Runner, a Book Thief
Boy oh Boy!

I will eat my
Green Eggs and Ham
While I read for position
In Tagger's Last Stand!

Coyotemusic wrote:

Henry the eighth got married a lot
He got really fat and suffered gut rot

He ate all the cake and yelled, "Off with her head""
Anne you were groovy,
But I want Jane instead"

Heresy, adultry, or treason
He just made it up
Didn't matter the reason

Catherine, Katherine, Kathryn, Anne, Anne and Jane
Phillippa Gregory thanks you
Please come again

JudithG wrote:

One book
Two book
Old book
New book

This one has a little rhyme.Can you read it one more time?
Can you read it with the fox in a box near the goat on the boat with the cat in the hat who sat on the mat?

Think of that.

Think of all the people who
Would not have so much to do
Playing book tag every day, who
Could not, would not read a word
Without that strange and fine old bird
Dr. Seuss who made it fun
When we were all just little ones

These two I found on the Internet so I added them here :)


The Great Catsby said...

Very interesting post. love seeing what some other people came up with.

Becca said...

These are fun! Thanks for sharing.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Padfoot and Prongs, that was the idea.. :)

Rebecca, my pleasure :)

J.I. Smith said...

Just for the record. Those two poems you found are obviously not by Dr. Seuss. He wrote metrically complex but brilliantly infectious and simple poetry: those are just simple! ;)

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