Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!

This is my Wordless Wednesday for this week.. The main site is here ..

Aren't these Netbooks just adorable?! I want the pink one :)


Sandy Nawrot said...

I want the red one!

TexasRed said...

Pretty Pretty! (My laptop's getting jealous!)

Darlene said...

That looks a bit like mine except mine is blue.

♔ jessica.marie said...

I love colored laptops, but unfortunately apple laptops do not come in colors.....
which is why I bought mine a pink case ;)

His Sweetheart said...

My friend got a purple one, it's awesome I admit!

Bethanne said...

I wish, I wish with all my might... LOL or is it, Star light, Star bright, first star I see to night. Wish I may, wish I might...

Are these the ones that got bad reviews a few weeks ago? I can't tell by looking.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Sandy, that's great so one for me and one for you :)

TexasRed, mine is too.. I really need color, mine's black :(

Dar, oh lucky you.. mine is Dell but black.. when I bought it there were only black and red, so I took the black I wish I didn't.. I need color!!! I want pink or blue!!!

Jessica, I'm considering getting a netbook that's colored since it's much cheaper than the ordinary notebook.. so I want something in pink this time.. but waiting for my budget to get better :)

His Sweetheart, that's cool!!! I love colors :)

Bethanne, really?! did they get bad reviews?! I don't know I just saw the pictures and went madly in love with it!! They are supposed to be really small I guess 8 or 9 inches.. that's why they are called netbooks.. but do tell it they aren't that good.. then forget it I'll still with my huge 13.3" notebook :)

Fajorie™ said...

i have the pink one =D

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Jouja, really !! that is so cool :) Is it as great as it looks?! small enough and light to carry anywhere?!

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