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Booking Through Thursday - Worst Best Book You’ve Ever Read

Suggested by Janet:

How about, “What’s the worst ‘best’ book you’ve ever read — the one everyone says is so great, but you can’t figure out why?”

The ones that come to mind are..

Atonement by Ian McEwan, I've read so much about how great it is and how wonderfully written it was.. plus the impressive awards it got.. but when I was reading it I was having so much trouble turning from one page to the next.. especially the second part of the book about the war.. I almost read the page diagonally..
I saw the movie after I finished the book and loved it.. it was the first movie I ever saw that I loved the movie better than the book..

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, actually I couldn't finish them so I don't think they count.. but I just couldn't keep reading and reading descriptions of every leaf on the tree.. It bored my head off and I didn't even reach half of the first book!

The Hobbit, same here! I really tried!

The Golden Compass, for some reason it just did not grip me.. I thought it would be great, but I couldn't finish it.. I might give it a try again but not sure!

And last but not least.. Fledgling by Octavia Butler, I read over 50 pages and just couldn't get into the story

I'm sure a lot of you will disagree, but I believe different genres were meant for our different tastes :) and I truly like to read for enjoyment not as a punishment, so I prefer to read what I like :)

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Mary (Bookfan) said...

I liked Atonement but haven't read the others.

Jess said...

Completely agree with Atonement, I only read 50 pages. However, I loved The Golden Compass. I thought it was a fantastic adventure.

Kaye said...

I haven't read any of those but I sure have heard mixed reviews about atonement! It seems people hate it or love it, no middle ground. My BTT is here

Marie Cloutier said...

I agree about LOTR and the Hobbit, and about different genres for different tastes. There really are big differences in tone, style and focus and some things just aren't everyone's cup of tea. :-)

Jenny Girl said...

I enjoyed Golden Compass, but the second one bored me a bit, so I haven't started the third.
Atonement: never read, but loved, loved, loved the movie
The Ring trilogy, depends on which book but finished them all.

The worst one for me was Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell...UGH is all I can say

TexasRed said...

I had trouble with Atonement, too!

Vickie said...

I won't read most of your list, I watched the LOTR flicks, but won't read the books. I did like THE GOLDEN COMPASS.
That's what makes the book world so cool, there's something out there for everyone. = )

The Cozy Mystery Journal said...

I think most people say The Hobbit. I just couldn't get into it.

Kristine said...

I loved Atonement. It was a bit slow to start but I think it went along with the summer days of the beginning part of the novel.

I preferred LotR over The Hobbit, but I can understand about the long descriptions by Tolkien turning you off. It does get tedious at times lol

I reviewed The Golden Compass. I'm still not really sure how I feel about it.

Monique said...

I forgot all about The Golden Compass. I didn't like that one either. I just didn't get it. I haven't read the other ones yet. But most of them are on my TBR list.

L said...

Ugh. I have never had any desire to read Atonement despite the glowing reviews. I couldn't even finish The Hobbit, not only did I think it was rather dull but I also thought it was a bit sad. The read maybe two paragraphs of The Golden Compass and I could not keep my eyes open. Blessings to you!

zetor said...

Haven't read 'Atonement' , but I did read McEwan's 'Saturday' and I felt it missed the 'wow' factor.

Beth F said...

I hate McEwan so I'm with you there; but I love the LOTR and the Hobbit and the Golden Compass!

Darlene said...

I agree with you. If a certain genre isn't to your liking and you try to read the book, well it's likely you aren't going to enjoy it.

Sherrie said...

I tried reading The Golden Compass but just couldn't finish it . Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


avisannschild said...

I loved Atonement actually, but I'm with you on The Golden Compass (which I mentioned in my BTT post).

Donna (Bites) said...

Wuthering Heights had me wanting to gouge my eyes out but so many girls rave about it. Heathcliffe can play in traffic for all I care.

Anonymous said...

Little Women...*sigh*.

I really tried.

Unknown said...

Hello there,I've given you an award! come and pick it up.

Yvonne said...

I haven't read any of those, but I know I couldn't sit through the LOTR movies.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Mary, did you like it?

Jess, I'm planning on giving the Golden compass another go, but when I have no idea!

Kaye, I guess you are right about the love/hate thing.. although the movie was great!

Marie, very well said.. thank you :)

Jenny Girl, I'll keep away from the book you mentioned.. I saw all the 3 LOTR movies and loved them.. it's just the books I can't go through :)

TesaxRed, seems we are not alone in this :)

Vickie, yeah that's what's great about it.. true there is something for everyone :)

bella, same here :)

Kris, you won't believe that I have at least 3 copies of LOTR trilogy (all three in one book).. I kept buying the books thinking it might make me change my mind and read it ;) each looks huge and I tried I really tried, but no hope :)

Monique, it's good I reminded you ;)

LMA, and my blessings to you too.. I guess we share some book tastes here :) I better check your reviews.. like I really ned to add to my tbr ;)

zetor, Atonement did that to me too.. no WOW for me :)

Beth, well we can't be identical :)

Dar, thank you .. so very well said!!

Sherrie, and thanks for stopping at mine :)

Avisannschild, different tastes for different readers :)

Donna.. LOL at gouging your eyes out.. don't do it, Heathcliff is not worth doing that to yourself :)

Insert Book Title Here, yeah I know what you mean when you say you tried :)
i guess it's chemistry between us and the book.. it's either there or not :)

lilly, thanks for the award, you are a sweetheart :) you made my day!

Yvonne, I know the movies are long but I enjoyed them.. imagine that the book has more details.. so ouch!!

eshda3wa said...

i totally agree with u

for me the alchemist didnt hit a cord like it did everyone else

DeSeRt RoSe said...

eshda3wa, that is why I'm reluctant to pick it up :)

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