Monday, November 24, 2014

Cure by Belinda Frisch

Cure (Strandville Zombie Series #1) by Belinda Frisch
Year Published: 2012

208 pages

This is the first book in the Strandville Zombies series.

I got this book for free from Amazon.

Miranda and Scott are finalizing their divorce, nothing has been the same since they lost their baby girl Rosalie. Although they both love each other, life is just not working out.
So Miranda decides to take a job in another town to try to start fresh and forget Scott.
When she reaches the Nixon center things don't seem right, she is asked to have tests and read manuals that no other employee had to do.
Zach is a new security guard just employed in the center, his wife Allison is a cancer patient and Dr. Nixon is trying to find a cure for her. So Zach worked there to be close to her.
There are a number of girls in the center that have been kept against their will and tests have been done on them, they are basically used as an incubation tool for Dr. Nixon's experiment to cure cancer.
If I go into more detail I might spoil the story so I'll stop here.

When I started the book it was like a roller coaster that you can't put down.. I was sure it was a 5 star book!
I liked the story and the writing it was fast paced with a lot of excitement.
Then it started to spiral down. Some conversations and reactions were a bit off, too many characters that I really lost count and lost interest in. that lost the first star.
Maybe if it was a movie it would have been OK.
Billy's infection was illogical. It took him ages to transform even without the shots, although the others transformed in a faster time frame. They got infected and almost immediately started to try biting someone.
Some editing is needed for the book to get rid of some of the errors.
The ending was abrupt and left it hanging which shows there is a need for a sequel. I didn't like that, for me that lost the second star.
I might consider the second book but not anytime soon. I kinda lost interest to see what happens to the heroins.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Double Penetration by the Warehouse Ghosts by Cordelia Montgomery

Double Penetration by the Warehouse Ghosts by Cordelia Montgomery

Year Published: 2012

My Rating: 3 stars

Tamara is a college student offering to help her obsessed-by-the-paranormal brother prove a theory of a haunted warehouse that is rumored to be haunted by two male workers who died in the 70's.
She sets up her cameras and gets a surprise double penetration by the 2 unseen ghosts.

Erotic paranormal for +18.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hot Desires by L Wesley

Hot Desires by L Wesley

Year Published: 2012

My Rating: 3 stars

4 pages

I got this book for free for my Kindle from Amazon while it lasted.

Laura is attracted to her boss since she started worked a month ago and can't keep him out of her mind. When she gets stuck in his office one day she discovers that he is as crazy about her and she about him.
They engage in some office fun and he claims her as his.

Nice quick sexy read.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Power of Mesmerism A Highly Erotic Narrative of Voluptuous Facts and Fancies by Anonymous

The Power of Mesmerism A Highly Erotic Narrative of Voluptuous Facts and Fancies by Anonymous

Year Published:

My Rating: 5 stars

51 pages

Tags: erotica, m/m, group sex, Victorian, incest

I got this ebook free from Amazon.

Ok first of all this book is not for everyone!! I repeat this book id not for everyone!!
It is erotica in it's wildest! Victorian Erotica to be exact :)
It involves incest and homosexuality so please beware.
Even if you love erotica this is completely different.

When a young man comes home from school after being there for about 4 years, where he learned the art of mesmerism, he starts to try out his abilities first on his sister and then his parents and friends.
He mesmerizes them to a sleep and has his way with them, but latter he does not need that anymore since they do it at there own free will.

It reminded me of Fanny Hill, the writing was nice and old. I know what happening in the book are extremes and although I'm not into incest but I loved the writing style. If you could put the thought that this book is only fiction and read it in that sense it's fine. It's not like when you are reading a romance novel and imagining the characters and wishing they were real people.. It's completely different. You have to look at it as fiction because it is :)

I would not really recommend this book to anyone I know because I don't believe anyone I do know will enjoy it.. So if you decide to pick this book, do so on at your own risk and don't say I didn't warn you.
And in the end this is just my own opinion :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Men Who Sleep With My Husband by Alicia Coston

The Men Who Sleep With My Husband by Alicia Coston

Year Published: 2008

My Rating: 4 stars

328 pages

I got this book free from Amazon for my Kindle when it was available for free.

Quincy and Lavender Wallace have the perfect marriage, or do they?!
High school sweethearts married and have a kid, Quincy is a successful Pastor and Lavender is the first lady of the church. Their son Jalen is about to graduate high school and seems doing very well for a kid his age.
Then Lavender witnesses an act no woman should see her husband engaged it that has her enraged. She then decides to have her revenge. So she hires a specialist to do the work for her.
Plotting to get rid of her husband's lovers and framing him for the deeds.
But she didn't expect Tai to enter her life and complicate things, specially that he is the detective that is investigating the murders.

I don't want to give a lot of the story away, because it has many twists and turns.
What I loved about this book is the idea of the six degrees of separation that I believe is quite true and that the world is truly small. By having the past always catching up on you weather good or bad.
I liked the idea that I get to read the story from all the characters points of view, while not having the story going back and forth, it was flowing very nicely. I got to know what Quincy, Lavender, Jalen, Tai and The Magician were thinking and why each was doing what they were doing, with enough backstory for each to understand that.

It was a fast ride that I didn't want to stop till it was finished!

I can't say I was expecting the end, it was a shock to me but maybe it was for the best. Tragic things happen in real life too.

This was a first for me by this author and I will be sure to check out what other books she has :)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Butchered by Bradley Convissar

Butchered by Bradley Convissar

Year Published: 2012

My Rating: 5 stars

794 Kindle = 36 pages

If you want a real gory scare, this book is for you.
It's two short stories, so the book is fairly fast to read.

The Butcher..
When a serial killer kidnaps his latest victim, little does he know what she is capable of.
He cages her and expects her to be scared shitless and scream, which is exactly what he wants. But this lady is different.
She explains why and proves it.
What will happen to him in the end is priceless :)

Drop House..
When two brothers and their cousin raid a drop house for illegal aliens expecting some kind of escape route that the illegals are taking to gain their freedom in the country. What they find is horrifying and totally unexpected.

I loved both stories!! This is the first time for me to try this author and I'm glad I did. The cover of the book really grabbed me and for $0.99 for the Kindle I thought it was worth the try.
If you have a quezy stomach I don't recommend this though ;) But if you are a horror fan this will be a refreshing short read.
Although I don't read a lot of horror and I do get scared easily plus my stomach doesn't digest easily.. I do love something like this every once in a while.
Therefore I'm going to check some other books by the author, actually I just downloaded 2 of his books that are free on Amazon today.. Better start there :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Truth In The Dark by Amy Lane

Truth In The Dark by Amy Lane

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 4 stars

186 pages

Tags: M/M, fantasy, rape, bullying, love, family.

Naef was a child with some certain body deformities, he lived on in a village with his mother and sister who adore him so much despite his condition. That did not stop the village bullies from tormenting him and turning his childhood more traumatic that it already was. Then one day when he was 12 years old he was brutally and violently beaten and raped. He never was the same again! He became Knife!
He put all his energy in carving until he excelled in molding those wooden pieces with his knives.

Then one day he meets a creature/man that needed Knife's help. He wanted a companion for a year and the completion of a 'regrettable task' by the year's end, then he may return to his family.
In return, he will flood him with gold and gorgeous stuff for his sister who will marry this creature/man's cousin.

It's the adventure of Knife when he goes with Aerie-Smith that is the main story.

This was such a touching story, so tender and loving. Romantic in a very soft way. I loved Aerie-Smith, he was so good for Naef (he kept insisting on calling him by his given name), he tried to make him fight his demons all while having to deal with his own.
Their love was so tender and it kept building up. I just loved this story. It's kind of a Beauty and the Beast theme, so it's fantasy but oh-so-nice!

Highly recommended for those who enjoy fantasy with an m/m theme.

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