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Booking Through Thursday - The Best Book You’ve Never Read

We’ve all seen the lists, we’ve all thought, “I should really read that someday,” but for all of us, there are still books on “The List” that we haven’t actually gotten around to reading. Even though we know they’re fabulous. Even though we know that we’ll like them. Or that we’ll learn from them. Or just that they’re supposed to be worthy. We just … haven’t gotten around to them yet.

What’s the best book that YOU haven’t read yet?

I have so many books that I'm sure I'll enjoy that I still need to get to, but non are classics, since i read them all as a kid.
My shelves are packed either the virtual or actual shelves. So I will list the books that I'm sure I will enjoy reading because I can't just eat one I mean name one.. :)

* The alphabet series by Sue Grafton (I only read A and B so I got a lot to read)
* The Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell (I've been always planning on starting it but didn't get to it yet)
* The Dexter series by Jeff Lindsay (Didn't start yet although my cat's name is Dexter which I named after the character since I saw the series)
* The Shopaholic series by shophie Kinsella (I only read the first 2)
* The Alex Cross series by James Patterson (I only read 3)
* The Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich ( I only read the first one)
* The Temperance Brennan series by Kathy Reichs (I didn't even start it..shame on me)
* The Anita Blake - Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton (I read the first one only)

Oh my I could go on forever and ever.. I have so many books that I plan to read because I've either tried part of the series and enjoyed it or read about it or have been recommended to me by trustworthy reviewers :)

I guess I'll stop here and see maybe this would encourage me to start some of the ones I listed above.. *hopeful* :)

What is/are the best book/books that you've never read ?


Yvonne said...

None of the books on my list are classics either. I have the Shopaholic series, too, and have that slated for the chick lit reading challenge - if I ever get to that. I also have the Alex Cross series to read. I've read all the Stephanie Plum books except for the last one and that, too, is slated for a reading challenge. It seems like we have the same reading tastes :)

Literature Crazy said...

I should probably read the Temperance Brennan books. I loved Bones, so I'm thinking I'll love those too (even though I don't usually read these types of books).

The Great Catsby said...

Pretty much all of the books on my list this year are classics. I am trying to get a good amount out of the way, that way I feel like I will be able to enjoy 'modern books' with out that weird shadow over my head telling me to read some East of Eden haha. It is probably worse for me since I am an English major.

Unknown said...

I love your blog. I wanted to leave the comment but the beautiful song kept distracting me but finally I'm doing it :-)
Glad i found your blog.

Nise' said...

My mom keeps telling me I need to read the alphabet series. I read the Alex Cross, Stephanie Plum, Temperance Brennan series.

Vickie said...

Mine are all in the paranormal realm for the most part. I am getting to them, just give me time. To name a few authors with series I am getting to:
Jennifer Rardin
Simon R Green
Mark del Franco
Justin Gustainis
John Levitt
Thomas E Sniegoski

Anonymous said...

I have A is for Alibi on Mt. TBR, but it's the only Grafton book I have. By the time I get to it, she'll be pub'ing Z! I just finished Dexter in the Dark this morning, funny. I want to read the first one now that I've started right in the middle.

Hmm... We seem to have a lot of the same taste :-) I've read 3 of the Plum novels, 1 and 2 and Plum Lucky, have the first Shopoholic on Mt. TBR and I'm going to scoot over to BM and put Vampire Hunter on my wishlist now...

wisteria said...

I told Marie at BB that Moby Dick was one of the books that haunts me. For some reason I think I should read it. I just never got too excited about it.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Yvonne, yeah it seems we do have similar tastes.. maybe we could encourage each other :)

Heather, Well whoever starts first should encourage the other :)

Padfoot and Prongs, good luck on the classics :)

Lilly, aw shucks.. thanx :) glad you liked it!

Nise', wow that's great.. I wish I could finish them too.. it's bugging me that I didn't :)

Vickie, you have all the time in the world dear, just get to them when you feel like it.. it will be more enjoyable that way :)

thekoolaidmom, LOL yeah I was thinking along that line.. since I think she is in letter T so while I reach it she might even consider a new series with number by then :)
Yeah I do see we have books in common, that's great !! I'll be checking your reviews so I could add to my ever overflowing tbr :)

Wisteria, why don't you try it on audio if it's available? maybe listen to it in the car :)

Beth F said...

You have a good list!! And the must-read idea is individual. There are plenty of best books that I'll never, ever read because they don't interest me.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Beth, that is true since every person's reading tastes are different then the favorites and the best books will be different.. but as long as you name it as a best book then it is so for that individual :)
I know there are a lot of books that are great out there but will not interest me so therefore I will not touch them ;) why waste time reading something you don't like while instead you could read a book you enjoy!

sally said...

well im not sure about mine, maybe The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Its a Pulitzer Prize winner but i got a lot of review its a very stressing writing and im not sure if i like that ;p

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Duchess, I have had The Road on my tbr for a while and everytime I consider starting it I'm afraid it will not be something I enjoy! So, whoever one of us finishes it first should give the other a thumbs up or down :) what say you ;)

Anonymous said...

I haven't read any of those series either...I haven't heard of half of them! Usually I just go to the library and pick a few random books and a few from authors I like. Now I feel waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind! lol

DeSeRt RoSe said...

melodyofmom, I used to do that until I joined Shelfari and started reading reviews about books I never even new I'm a book review reading addict.. :) once I like the review I add the book to my tbr on Shelfari, then whenever I can I get the book.. the challenges also helped broaden my choices :)

sally said...

okay, no prob desert rose ;)

DeSeRt RoSe said...

That's great Duchess :)

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