Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Illusion by Edmond Cheng

Illusion by Edmond Cheng

Year Published: 2009

My rating: 3 stars

120 pages

A crime is being commited at 2 AM somewhere near the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. A man has been thrown at sea by a couple thinking they are all alone at that time of night.. but are they?!

Thomas is a successful businessman with his loving secertary then turned wife.. when he is visited by an old aquaintance which he later discovers has passed away a while ago..

Who was the lady he saw?? Did he really see a ghost?? Did it really happen?? Is his work stressing him to the point of hallucinating??

The problem is he promised to do something he is not sure he is very keen to do.. Will he fulfill his promise? Since everyday he postpones doing so something bad seems to happen!!

His wife starts to get worried that something is seriously wrong with him, but is it?!

An interesting fresh read with a twist in this debut novella from this author, that will keep you reading to know what happens in the end. I enjoyed this book as a quick read and would love to check out something else by this author. For those who like supernatural suspense.. this is it!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Erotic Bedtime Stories by Anonymous

Year Published: 2007

My Rating: 3 stars

89 pages

A collection of erotic short stories, nice fun and fast read!!

1. My Bi-sexual Wife
A threesome between a man, his wife Darlene and her best friend Karen on their 1st Wedding Anniversary :) having fun together.

2. Her Secret Closet
Cindy goes to visit her neighbor Sheila, only to be shocked to find her strapped and blindfolded with her husband Randy holding a whip at her.. then inviting Cindy to have a little fun with the couple!!

3. Nice and Cozy
A guy living with his fiance' Jane and her mother Kate.. Mother and daughter are both hot. When his old friend Leslie of his comes visiting.. things start to change at home and the hot nightly visits start with a little fun going all around :)

4. My Daughter's and My, Sex Education
A daughter asking her mother for advise about whether to let her boyfriend do something to her that she is not comfortable with, that the mother objects to too. But then the boyfriend tries to convince her personally :)

5. My Brother's Girlfriend
Something happening between the mom and her son's girlfiend :) with the sister secretly watching!

6. My Holiday at the Lake

A Mom objecting on having a lesbian as a roommate for her daughter, then changing her mind completly after meeting her and having fun with her later on!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The List by J.A. Konrath

The List by J.A. Konrath

Year Published:

My Rating: 5 stars

583 pages

History is about to repeat itself ..

As this author has done before.. he amazed me!!

It starts with a murder.. And when Chicago Homicide Tom Mankowski realised that the victim has a unique tattoo on the bottom of his foot, he started to suspect that there is a serial killer on the loose..

Only to discover that not only is this tattoo shared by him and the victim but with 8 other people, which some have already turned dead! So is he next?!

It seems they are on a hit list for no apperent reason.. then he meets one of those numbered people and he explains to Tom what exactly is in common with all of them.

As soon as he discovers the truth, it seems he is targeted and starts running for his life and trying to rescue the other targets.

A lot of twists and turns and unexpected events all throughout the book. I enjoyed it so very much.. I found out that I really like this authors style.. he seems to succeed in amazing me and keeping me on the egde of my seat.. a real page turner..

If you enjoy suspense/thriller books with twists.. don't miss out on this book!! Very highly recommended!!!!

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:

"An inch lower and they would have been scooping up his last thoughts with evidence spoons."

"You make an omelet, gotta break some eggs."

"Are you trying to bullshit a bullshitter?"

"Don't you need to lock up?" "Hell no. The place is insured."

"There are a few tricks to a proper impaling. The stick has to be sharp, but not too sharp that it kills right away. It should be greased, in this case with some petroleum jelly, to help the body slide down. Too much and the game is over too quickly. Too little and it can take weeks. It's a little bit art, and a little bit science."

"It doesn't work." "Hit it." Roy smacked it a few times. "Was that supposed to help?" "Naw. Battery is dead. But don't you feel better?"

"She'll be waiting for you when you get back. you can have all the time you want with her, do whatever sick shit comes in your head. But right now, keep your eyes on the prize."

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Soul To Lose by Rachel Vincent

My Soul To Lose by Rachel Vincent

Year Published: 2009
My Rating: 3 stars
80 pages

I got this book for free for my Kindle from Amazon, if you have a Kindle and interested in reading this book.. click here.

This is a intruductory/teaser to the Soul Screamers series.

Kaylee went on a trip to the mall with her best friend to get ready for homecoming.. but when a panic attack attacks her in the mall and she can't stop screaming .. it turns out to be the worst day of her life.. or is it!!
Then she wakes up in the pshyciatric ward.. trying to convice everyone that she is not insane.. but no one believes her except Lydia.. another patient in the ward with some weird abilities.

This is a prequel to the series, so it was short but was introductory to the story and the characters. So I tempeded to continue reading and look up book 1 "My Soul To Take" soon :)

Some Quotes I enjoyed from the book:

It was like one of Emma's video games, where the character wakes up in a strange room with no memory of how he got there. Except, in real life, there was no chest in the corner holding the key to my chains and survival advice written on parchment.

This is a quote from the teaser of the first book "My Soul To Take":

If Eastlake High School were the universe, I would be one of the moons circling Planet Emma, constantly hidden by her shadow, and glad to be there. Nash Hudson would be one of the stars: too bright to look at, too hot to touch, and at the center of his own solar system.

Orgasms R Us by Alice Gaines

Orgasms R Us by Alice Gaines

Year Publised: 2007
My Rating: 2 stars
6 pages

Kit has been sent by her best friend to a place where the brochure itself she never would be caught dead with.. It states ORGASMS R US in huge, red letters on top of it.
She waited in the waiting room, seeing deshelved woman coming out every once in a while.. then she was called. She was determined to refuse whatever offer they throw at her.. But will she be able to?

This is quite an idea for an erotic book, although there are no actual scenes but it leaves a lot for your imagination.
It's a very short story, but I can't really say I enjoyed it much, it was ok but that was about it.

Marked - House Of Night 1 - by PC Cast and Kristin Cast

Marked - House Of Night 1 - by PC Cast and Kristin Cast
Year Published: 2007
My Rating: 4 stars
348 pages

Zoey Redbird is a normal 16 year-old teenager in a normal highschool with a normal boyfriend. Then one day she gets Marked to be a vampyre. How cool could that be??
So she has to present herself in a different school specially for fledglings called House Of Night.
Zoey has to leave her previous life, her family, her friends and her school. Not to forget her boyfriend too.
She starts her first day by becoming mentored by the high priestess herself, then witnessing an obcene incident, meeting some friends and some very nasty ones too.
I trully injoyed this book, it has a lot of action and it's full of fun and humor. Zoey is a very lovable character that you soon start to admire.
I couldn't help comparing the book to Harry Potter and Twilight because I felt it's kind of a blend of both.. Vampyres going to Vamp school and Zoey being the Harry Potter of Vampyres :D

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:

"But I'm sixteen! I can's even parallel-park! How am I supposed to know how to be your eyes and ears?"

Believe in yourself and you will find a way. But remember, darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good.

"Do you think I could have a cat?" I asked.
"If one chooses you, you will belong to him or her."
"Chooses me?"
Neferet smile and stroked Skylar, who closed his eyes and purred loudly. "Cats choose us; we don't own them."

I remembered the Goddess's words, Zoey Redbird, Daughter of Night, I name you my eyes and ears in the world today, a world where good and evil are struggling to find balance.

How could anyone normal choose Aphrodite as her name? Please. Talk about delusions of grandeur.

One thing growing up in a small town like Hentietta taught me is that it's best to mind your own business if you want someone to stay your friend.

Also, it is assumed that their leader is being groomed to be a High Priestess, so she's supposed to be the heart, mind, and spirit of the school - as well as a future leader in vamp society, et cetera, et cetera, blah, blah.

Horses are not big dogs, Nor are they a little girls's romanticized dream image of a perfect best friends who will always understand you."

"Okay, there's no need to forever make fun of my unfortunate ex-infatuation with Leonardo!" I glared at him, feeling more like myself than I had in hours. "Actually, it's kinda like my unfortunate ex-infatuation with you. Only it didn't last as long, and you didn't make a bunch of cheesy but cool movies."

Well, it was nice to see that some things never change. Heathwas still Heath - cute, but not the brightest Crayola in the pack.

"Could you make a sound or something! What are you, part spider? You scared the hell outta me."

Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes. So when life fades, as the fading sunset, my spirit may come to you without shame.

Monday, November 23, 2009

My Latest Gadget - The Kindle 2

As soon as I saw the new Kindle 2 going international, I thought I just had to have it.. so I pre-ordered it and got it about 3 weeks ago.. I've been playing with it ever since.

I know I'm neglecting my beloved Sony Reader but hey it's the new gadget in town and I just have to discover it.. so I've been busy buying and downloading books.. I've only read one book and reading the second now so that's not much but I've been busy lately with my new job which also started about 1 month ago..

Then I started looking for Kindle forums to connect with other "kindlers" so I found the kindleboards which are just great .. From there I discovered the Oberon Kindle covers which are just GORGEOUS.. I bought one and recieved it yesterday and WOW it is so amazing!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cold Blooded by Lisa Jackson

Cold Blooded by Lisa Jackson

Year Published: 2002

My Rating: 5 stars

464 pages

This is the second book in the New Orleans series.

A serial killer is on the loose again in New Orleans and Detective Rick Bentz is on the case. Women are found brutally tortured and murdered in very weird ways. With a hint of religious rituals in the mix.
Olivia Benchet seems to see glimpses of the murder while it's being committed but can't see the murderer. She goes to the cops to try to help but is not very welcome.

When the killer seems to be getting close to home, Detective Bentz needs to get any help he can even if it has to be from Olivia the psychic.

Father James in St. Luke's is becoming a very close friend to Olivia but he is hiding a very dangerous secret.

Although it took me over 2 weeks to read this book, it was a page turner. The fact of slow reading was because i just started a new job and don't have that much time to spare for reading well plus playing some Facebook games :)

I loved the suspense and the surprises in every corner, while some where kinda expected I still enjoyed every page of the book!!
The murder scenes were very creative and grotesque, I guess that's one of the amazing things about this book. If you enjoy serial killer books this is a must read book for you :)
I'm planning on getting the next book in this series, "The Night Before" as soon as I can.. Or I might add it to my wishlist *evil grin*

Some quotes I enjoyed from the book :

"Then he took the time to check the rearview mirror. Blue eyes stared back at him. Hungry eyes. "Bedroom eyes," he'd been told by more than one woman who was foolish enough to think he could be seduced.

"Ear to the ground, eye on the sky, nose to the grindstone." Head up the ass, Bentz thought. Sometimes Montoya's practiced cool bugged the hell out of him.

"Hush, Chia!" she ordered. "Another of my grandmother's orphans. Chia doesn't like to go unnoticed. Has to have her say."

"Typical female."

"What?" Olivia's eyes narrowed.
"It was a joke," he explained.
"A poor one."

She was an enigma. An interesting puzzle. He'd left her house but he hadn't been able to push her out of his mind.

"I don't put much stock in psychic mumbo jumbo. ESP usually means Easy Sucker Punch or Exceptional Shit Pile."

"You know what the say is the problem with having an open mind?"
"That your brains will out? I've heard that one, Rick."
Bentz smiled.
"I was going to say people might accuse you of being a pansy ass and not having an opinion."

"So does the lady have an alibi?"

"Just her dog and he's not talkin'."

"I think there are gifts God bestows upon all of us. Some we can see, or touch, or prove, if we will. Others are intangible, but gifts nonetheless. We're lucky if we recognize what we've got."

She remembered the way her mother had always argued, forever on the attack.
To Bernadette's way of thinking, a best defense was a strong offense.

She'd experimented enough in high school and given her dad a good bunch of his gray hair while trying ecstasy and hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Most women melted like butter in the hot sun when Reuben Diego Montoya turned on the charm.

Sometimes Kristi just wished they lived somewhere in the middle of the country -somewhere like Kansas or Oklahoma- and her mom was still alive and really into gardening and her dad sold insurance or real estate, like normal people. They would have a nice two story house with a picket fence and a dog and a cat, and she would have an older brother to watch over her and a younger sister to confide in and fight with. There would be a patio with a barbecue and maybe one of those old-fashioned swings on the front porch and... She snapped herself out of the daydream. Get real!

All in all, he wasn't such a bad guy.
For a paranoid, recovering alcoholic homicide dick.

It wasn't just sex he craved. It was all of it. His heart ached. A beautiful woman, a cozy little cabin in the woods, and a mutt of a dog. All the things he'd given up in life. For his calling. For God. Because he believed. He'd always believed and he knew in his heart that he could help others with their faith, that it was his purpose in life, God's plan for him.

He'd been so cold to her earlier.
Not just detached, but ruthless and mean.
He'd seen the pleading in her eyes, the silent need to connect with him and he'd cut her loose.

They'd spent hours talking and she wasn't sure she was ready to trust him again, but she did care about him; probably loved him, fool that she was. At that thought she smiled.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Booking Through Thursday - Too Short?

“Life is too short to read bad books.” I’d always heard that, but I still read books through until the end no matter how bad they were because I had this sense of obligation.

That is, until this week when I tried (really tried) to read a book that is utterly boring and unrealistic. I had to stop reading.

Do you read everything all the way through or do you feel life really is too short to read bad books?

Life is truly so short that I prefer not to waste it on bad books.. so usually if I don't like it I'll just skip the book and go pick up something better to read :) I believe I've already wasted so much time reading text books that I really did not enjoy so now it's time for pleasure reading :D

To check out other Booking Through Thursday's ..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Booking Through Thursday - It’s All About Me

Late as always :)

Which do you prefer? Biographies written about someone? Or Autobiographies written by the actual person (and/or ghost-writer)?

Actually I prefer neither one.. I prefer fiction to any kind of auto/biography.. I did try to read a biography once, although the author was funny I just got bored in the middle of the book. I tried an autobiography but didn't finish the book either.. So I just guess it's not my cuppa tea ;)

For this week's BTT

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Outstanding Romance Blog Award

The wonderful JennJ @ Sapphire Romance Realm has passed on this gorgeous award not to mention a lot of mmmmmm eye candy to go with it which you can check at her link.

The meaning of the award:
For your love and support of romance novels through your blog. And for your support for other bloggers who do the same! Take a bow you deserve it! God bless you ladies you are awesome!

Thank you Jenn for the award and for thinking of me.. that was really sweet of you!

And thank you again for giving out the Humane award just for being your follower :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Summerhouse by Jude Deveraux

Year Published: 2001

My Rating: 5 stars

416 pages

Have you even wanted to rewrite your past?

Three women on their 21st birthday meet for a very brief day full of hopes and dreams. Starting careers in New York!

Then after 19 years they arrange to meet for their 40th birthday. Each of them encountered different events that changed the courses of their lives.

They are then given a chance to alter their lives and to choose a different future. So what would they choose to change and how would that change alter their lives.

I always asked myself this question, if I ener had a chance to change something in my life and to be given a second chance for another future what would I do?!

I loved this book eminisly .. It was so charming, romantic and full of captivating sense of humor that the girls shared.

I haven't read a Deveraux book in ages and I don't know what made me stop reading them although she is one of my favorite authors. But now I know I will be looking for her titles again, specially the sequel to this book "Return to Summerhouse" which is already on my immediate TBR.

Amazingly wonderful read and regarded as one of my favorites for this year.

Quotes I enjoyed form this book:

I will post this soon!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Roped Into Romance by Alison Kent

Roped Into Romance by Alison Kent

Year Published: 2002

My Rating: 4 stars

53 pages (on Sony Reader)

Lauren and Macy are looking for a place to buy. Anton Neville has a loft to sell. When he meets them to show them the place, Lauren is spellbound.
So now what Lauren wants is Anton and she will do anything to get him.

A very fast fun read which I enjoyed very much .. It was light and full of humor. The first for me by this author and definitely will be the beginning of a lot more TBR's. I will check her other books soon!

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:

Her eyes grew both wide and bright and Anton felt a strange stirring in his gut. An unease that told him he was asking for the sort of trouble that had a good chance of turning his well-ordered life upside down.

"This is so great! Can you imagine a little candlelight, a little wine? A lotta lovin' under the stars? Listening to the traffic below and trying not to get caught?" Lauren hugged her arms around her middle, whirled back to Macy, and said, "I can't wait to try it out!" Only it wasn't Macy standing in the open doorway behind Lauren. It was Anton Neville. And he said, "Neither can I."

Rot by Michele Lee

Rot by Michele Lee

Year Published: 2009

My Rating: 5 stars

56 Pages

Dean just started his security job at Silver Springs Specialty Care Community. A facility specifically built to care for your deceased loved ones.. The ones that are undead actually.. the ones that were turned into zombies by their families because they just couldn't let go. But after a while discover it's not easy to care for these people therefore they put them in this facility to take care of them..

But sometimes things are not what they seem..

When Dean unites with 2 zombies, Amy and Patrick.. they together discover there are some zombies that have mysteriously disappeared. But where they disappear is truly haunting !!

I read this book almost in one sitting.. it was so hard to put down.. I only did so to get the kids ready for school then there I sat till it was over..

I loved it so much although I'm not into zombie books, but this was very captivating.. I will look forward to reading other books by this author.. the writing style was so engrossing and alive..

It reminded me of the importance of letting go.. Since lately I had to learn it the hard way!

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:

"Which would you prefer, Dean? Being one of those things out there, rotted to mindlessness, or being locked in a dead body, knowing that's the future you'll face? Knowing that someone loved you enough not to let go, but didn't love you enough to care for you themselves? Instead, they locked you in here where they didn't have to see or smell you, but could take comfort in the idea that you weren't exactly dead anymore."

It used to be that death, maybe even a long or violent one, would be the worst thing you'd ever have to face. In the few skirmishes I'd served in, other soldiers had taken some comfort in knowing that. But then, that was before they started raising people from the dead.

The world felt empty and full at the same time. The cloudless, cool night gleamed with stars so far from the main lights of the city. It looked like some of them had come aground and gathered in a long circle in the grass. There were rose petals in the center: white, red, pink and yellow. I was unable to find enough of one color so I had grabbed all the little bags of them that I could find. Around the oval of light, lilies, daisies, and orchids were spread along with roses. The candles filled the night air with a miasma of scent: lemon, vanilla, strawberry, pine and cinnamon.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Night Moves I by Kiernan Kelly, Matt Brooks, Erastes and Kira Stone

Night Moves I by Kiernan Kelly, Matt Brooks, Erastes and Kira Stone

Year Published: 2008

My Rating: 4 stars

273 pages on Sony Reader

This is an anthology of vampire tales that are quite gay.

Theron's Boys by Kiernan Kelly:
Christian is a newly turned vampire that after only 3 years started to regret his choice and considering finding ways to rebel on the sire that so entranced him in the first place.

Inferno by Matt Brooks:
A vampire in the making having a fast night with a full vampire that offers to help.

Chiaroscuro by Erastes:
An artist is asked to paint someone by his family's provider. When he meets him he almost goes insane.. only to discover he is not just a normal guy.. adventures are to happen in the drawing room :)
I really hope their is a sequel for this one!!

Immortal Steps by Kira Stone:
Tian is a dancer and a very good one too.. He is followed by his most dedicated fan only to discover who his true identity is and what Tian could be if only he wanted.
Marked and hunted, he is running for his life!

This anthology was very good, I was so engrossed in it.. Every story is unique and captivating in itself. Having different vampire lore and legends mixed up.. Very fun read!

The most one I enjoyed was the last one.. :)

Quotes I enjoyed from this book:

Story 1
Actually, when Christian really thought about it, he realized that he’d jumped into his new life (for want of a better word) knowing very little about being a vampire at all. When Theron had first approached him about joining Theron’s Boys, as he’d called his little club, it had sounded like a sweet gig. Zero body fat, heightened senses, vastly increased strength, all the sex you could handle with none of the usual worries over disease, living forever-all tempting little perks that came with membership.

One man in particular drew Christian’s interest. He seemed to be the center of the universe to the men he sat with, the others treating him with a deference that bordered on worship. The very air around him crackled with power, with danger, and with a raw sexual energy that had Christian as hard as iron in no time flat.

Suddenly, the man looked up at Christian. With one long, elegant finger, he lowered his sunglasses down over the bridge of his nose, peeking at Christian from over the frames. A wily, amused smirk creased the man’s cheek as they’d made eye contact.

Story 3:
He took it delicately and the way he moved towards her I was reminded of an old fashioned dance, a gavotte, or a minuet. He dropped to his knees and bent over her hand and after a moment I had to look away, for the kiss he gave her was every bit as sensual as anything he had done to me. His eyes burned as he looked up at her and I felt myself blushing, feeling childishly jealous as I wondered once more what their relationship was.

Story 4:
“Because you mean the world to me,” Kyle admitted.

It wasn’t natural. It couldn’t be. And yet again Tain knew this was right. He soaked it up body, mind, and soul. He welcomed the surging forces at work in his body, let them change him. Let them strip away the last shreds of his humanity and reveal the vampire inside.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cover Me by L.B. Gregg

Cover Me by L.B. Gregg

Year Published: 2009

My Rating: 3 stars

226 pages

This is the 3rd book in the Men Of Smithfield series.

I bought this book from Aspen Mountain Press as a ebook but be warned it's a Male/Male erotic thing :)

Michael Finnegan is hired to tutor Kyle Douglas in some of his studies during the summer.. But then he has and encounter with Kyle's brother, Maxwell that ended up with him firing Michael 'Finn'.

Devastated and hurt he goes back to his school job trying to forget what happened during the summer..

But fate insists on having their paths cross yet again when the father of one of the students in the school hires Max to keep his son safe.. as a bodyguard.

Now for the safety of the boy they have to unite and ignore their differences.. or is it the hidden passion in them both :)

This is an erotic M/M, so if you are offended by this type of erotica just ignore this book.. I liked it and it was a fast read.. Actually their was a story and it was done good.. I'm gonna check out the first two books in this series.. for the times in between serious reads like now :D

Some quotes I enjoyed from the book:

“Fine. I expect two things while you are here.” His brow hiked. Too bad. I thrust a finger at him, and not the one I wanted to. “One: that you do not use this bullshit superiority complex on me. Just be straight with me and we’ll get along. And two: that you do not question my authority in the dorm or in the classroom. Treat me like an adult colleague because here we are equally in charge. I don’t answer to you-I work with you.”

“You let me worry about weaponry, Michael; you worry about Shakespeare.”

I tightened my lips and then that son of a bitch pulled out the big guns and floored me with a boyish smile that was all charm and mischief.
Oh shit, I was toast.

Tara smiled at me, that fresh young face taking in every speck of my appearance and behavior to better spread tales online as soon as she returned to the dorm. I was relieved no one had taken any pictures to post on Facebook, or upload onto YouTube. I scanned every hand for a cell phone.

“I don’t own a hair dryer. My hair is an inch and half long, Michael.”

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Teaser Tuesdays (Oct. 13)

teasertuesdays31Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!
My Teaser for this week ..

"Peg started to say something, then changed her mind and took a gulp of her wine. Guilt? This could either be amusing or upsetting. My brother’s idea of a ‘date’ and mine were embarrassingly different. Evan’s goal to find me a long term mate didn’t jibe with my own goal not to get involved. Not now. I’d been burned by what I thought was a true love-hello married-at nineteen."

From "Cover Me" by L.B. Gregg

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bet Me by Lucynda Storey

Bet Me by Lucynda Storey

Year Published: 2006

My Rating: 3 stars

47 pages

Romantic erotica.. so if you are not into this genre just skip this book :)

Sylvia and Lea are lured into a betting game that might end up getting them what they have been wanting for quite a while. It involves Strip Poker and Truth and Dare :)

Fun fast and short.

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:

"What is it turns into," she lowered her voice conspiratorially, "a wild orgy?"
"Then I know it will be the most fun I've had in ages," her friend shot back.

"I wouldn't mind doing the dirty with either one of them. Hell both of them! A woman has needs you know!"

The Awakening (Vampire Diaries Book 1) By Lisa J Smith

The Awakening (Vampire Diaries Book 1) By Lisa J Smith

Year Published: 1991

My Rating: 4 stars

320 pages

This is the first book in the Vampire Diaries series.

I read about the new TV series based on this series and saw part of the first episode and got interested in reading the books so I picked this book and thought I would give it a try.. The book flew!!

It was such a fast read it was amazing..

Elena Gilbert is the famous high school teenager who has everything and gets everything she wants including boys.. Well except Stefan Salvatore who she wants but seems immune to her ways.. well actually he seems to be avoiding her.

Stefan Salvatore is trying to live a normal life with humans and avoid any attachments.. but Elena is becoming a distraction.. who said being a vampire was easy :)

Then strange things start to occur in their small town, people are getting hurt and then a man gets killed.. all the fingers point at one direction.. Stefan!!

Is he innocent? Or is he doing something evil and blacking out?

I have totally enjoyed this book, it's young adult and so much fun, kinda reminded me of Twilight since they are all high school students..
I was so engrossed in the story and time just flew.. I had to peel the book out of my hands because it was getting so late and I had to sleep.. if I let my self go I would have finished it in one night!
So if you are a Twilight fan you might think of giving this a try.. !

Vampires are so COOL ;)

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:

His tutor had often said it: An aristocrat should dress as befits his position. If he does not, he is showing contempt for other. Everyone had a place in the world, and his place had once been among the nobility. Once.

His tutor had had another saying: Evil will never find peace. It may triumph, but it will never find peace.

In that instant, Elena was aware that she was beautiful. It wasn't just the dress, or the way her hair was done. She was beautiful in herself: slender, imperial, a thing made of silk and inner fire. She saw his lips part slightly, reflexively, and then she looked up into his eyes.

This was where she belonged, and she had found it at last. With Stefan, she was home.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Immoral by Brian Freeman

Immoral by Brian Freeman

Year Published: 2005

My Rating: 5 stars

409 pages

This is the debut novel of this author and what a debut!
It's the first book with detective Stride although I read the third book in the series (Stalked) first and that was before I knew it was a series.

Lieutenant Stride and his partner Maggie have been investigating a missing teenage girl's case for over a year with no luck and then another teenage girl goes missing.
No signs of running away are detected and no clues to where she could be.. All the evidence points that she was murdered.
So are they looking for a serial killer or is this something family related. Everyone seems to think that the missing girl "Rachel" is a disturbed girl doing an evil trick but is she? Or is she really murdered? With twist and turns to keep you turning the pages as fast as you can.

I really enjoyed this book, with wonderful characters that you just have to love. The investigation was so exciting with all those surprise twists and turns. I've found that I was smiling while reading some passages and really visualizing what I was reading. Amazing writing!!!

I will be sure to start the second book in the series soon!! Very recommended for crime/thriller fans like me :D

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:

"Is that Lieutenant Stride? you sound like you just woke up."
He lay back in bed and closed his eyes. "I did just wake up . And I won't admit to being Stride until I make a pot of coffee. So how about we call this a wrong number?"

"She sounded sharp on the phone. I bet she's a looker."
"Why's that?"
"She's from Vegas. All the girls in Vegas are gorgeous."

She stuck out from the other passengers as loudly as a piece of crystal amid a row of Burger King plastic cups. She was dressed in baby blue leather pants that clung to her long legs link a second skin. A silver chain belt looped around her waist, with the ties dangling between her legs. She wore an undersized white T-shirt that didn't reach far enough to cover the last inch of skin on her flat stomach. Her black leather raincoat draped almost to her ankles. She had glossy black hair, loose and luscious.

She's my little evil twin, her mother used to say about Serena when she was a child, because they looked so much alike.

"Was that real smoke I saw coming off you and Stride in the airport?"

"It was an accidental cigarette burn on a Burberry coat."
"Yes, but you don't smoke."

Another review @ The Mystery Reader

Books Bought During Summer !!

I have been planning on posting the books I bought when I went on vacation to Malaysia and keep postponing it.. Well I'm gonna post it now.. I know it's overdue but it's just something I have to do to keep track of what I bought and from where :)

I didn't buy many books, just 6 so here they are.. with a summary for each from Fantasticfiction

Immoral by Brian Freeman

In Duluth, Minnesota, a young woman, Rachel Stoner, has gone missing. Cop Jonathan Stride, a sharply focused detective despite the stresses of his troubled personal life, is quick to suspect her stepfather of murder. And yet, he has his doubts. Even for a man accustomed to power, the accused seems remarkably convinced he'll go free. Could he be telling the truth? While Stride endeavours to make sense of the conflicting pieces of evidence, a young woman's body lies half-buried deep in the woods. But if it's not the body of Rachel, where is the missing girl? Is she dead, or is the terrible, unexpected fate that awaits Graeme Stoner one he does not deserve? In this dark, involving mystery, nothing is as it seems, and readers will be gripped to the very last page as the shocking truth gradually emerges.

Stripped by Brian Freeman

In this stunning follow-up to Brian Freeman's remarkable debut novel, Immoral, Detective Jonathan Stride discovers that there are only two ways to go in Las Vegas. You can hit the jackpot. Or you can get Stripped... They looked like isolated cases: a hit-and-run and a celebrity murdered during a fling with a prostitute. No one could ever imagine they'd be linked to a brutal crime in Las Vegas's steamy past—and that the race against the clock to corner a determined serial killer would stir up secrets long thought buried with the dead. As detectives Jonathan Stride and Serena Dial are called separately to investigate, they have no idea what they're stepping into: a world where desperate ambition rules and loyalties know no bounds, and where their own uncharted emotions and sexual desires will reach an explosive conclusion. Shocking, twisted, with edge-of-your-seat suspense, Stripped pushes the limits of its heroes and keeps the reader turning ever page until the last plot twist.

The Watcher by Brian Freeman

Lieutenant Jonathan Stride has never forgotten the case that made him decide to join the police force. Back in the 1970s, Laura - sister of Stride's girlfriend - was murdered. The obvious suspect was a vagrant, who slipped through the hands of the police, including Stride's detective hero Roy. Now, though, Stride's looking at the case in a new light. Tish Verdure, an old friend of Laura's, has come home, and she's certain that the killer was a local boy, now an attorney with connections at the highest level. Stride's soon convinced that there was a deliberate decision to direct the investigation towards a simple solution and away from Tish's suggested perpetrator, but he's also sure that Tish is hiding a secret about the past. A secret that could have shattering consequences - including a second murder..

Glow In The Dark by Lisa Teasley

Lost souls, the disenfranchised, the destitute: these are the denizens of Lisa Teasley's stories. There's Magda, the drug-addicted surfer chick, Gita, who juggles sexual relationships, and Boogie, an overweight ten-year-old. Teasley follows her characters deep into the mire. 'Baker' emerged from the 1997 rape and murder of a seven-year-old in a Nevada casino. In 'Holiday Confessional,' a character flees after witnessing a crime to then share the secret with two strangers in a bar. Set in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and Baja, Lisa Teasley's stories illuminate society's darker side.

Rant by Chuck Palahniuk

A high school rebel who always wins (and a childhood murderer?), Rant Casey escapes from his small hometown of Middleton for the big city. He becomes the leader of an urban demolition derby called Party Crashing. On appointed nights participants recognize one another by such designated car markings as “Just Married” toothpaste graffiti and then stalk and crash into each other. Rant Casey will die a spectacular highway death, after which his friends gather testimony needed to build an oral history of his short, violent life. Their collected anecdotes explore the possibility that his saliva caused a silent urban plague of rabies and that he found a way to escape the prison house of linear time.…

Exit Ghost by Philip Roth

The last ordeal of Nathan Zuckerman, the indomitable literary adventurer of Roth's nine Zuckerman books, like Rip Van Winkle returning to his hometown to find that all has changed, Nathan Zuckerman comes back to New York, the city he left eleven years before. Alone on his New England mountain, Zuckerman has been nothing but a writer: no voices, no media, no terrorist threats, no women, no news, no tasks other than his work and the enduring of old age. Walking the streets like a revenant, he quickly makes three connections that explode his carefully protected solitude. One is with a young couple with whom, in a rash moment, he offers to swap homes. They will flee post-9/11 Manhattan for his country refuge, and he will return to city life. But from the time he meets them, Zuckerman also wants to swap his solitude for the erotic challenge of the young woman, Jamie, whose allure draws him back to all that he thought he had left behind: intimacy, the vibrant play of heart and body. The second connection is with a figure from Zuckerman's youth, Amy Bellette, companion and muse to Zuckerman's first literary hero, E. I. Lonoff. The once irresistible Amy is now an old woman depleted by illness, guarding the memory of that grandly austere American writer who showed Nathan the solitary path to a writing vocation. The third connection is with Lonoff's would-be biographer, a young literary hound who will do and say nearly anything to get to Lonoff's “great secret.” Suddenly involved, as he never wanted or intended to be involved again, with love, mourning, desire, and animosity, Zuckerman plays out an interior drama of vivid and poignant possibilities. Haunted by Roth's earlier work The Ghost Writer, Exit Ghost is an amazing leap into yet another phase in this great writer's insatiable commitment to fiction.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Musing Monday's (Oct. 5)

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about books on your wishlist…

Last week we talked about keeping a wishlist. Why not pull out that list and show us some of the books you’ve been eyeing off?

Although I have so many many many books in my TBR either physical or ebooks that are just waiting to be read.. I still have quite a wish list.. Some of it is on Shelfari but I will put some of them here.. in no particular order.

In the Dark by Brian Freeman

EDIT: I discovered that this is the US title for a book called The Watcher which I have already bought. I thought it was a new book and was wondering how come I didn't get to see it in Borders where I bought The Watcher :D Sorry about the confusion ;)

Going Too Far By Jennifer Echols

Killer Summer by Ridley Pearson

Killer Weekend by Ridley Pearson

Killer View by Ridley Pearson

Think No Evil Inside the Story of the Amish Schoolhouse Shooting...and Beyond By Jonas Beiler

I, Alex Cross by James Patterson

The Crime Writer by Gregg Hurwitz

Bitten and Smitten (Immortality Bites Series #1) by Michelle Rowen

So what's on your wishlist?

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Musing Mondays (Sept. 27)

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about your wishlist…

Do you keep a book wishlist, either on paper, Amazon/etc, or via a book database site (Shelfari, GoodReads, LibraryThing)?

If yes, do you share this list with others (especially coming up to Christmas)?

I do have a wishlist on Fictionwise and also on Shelfari, but the one on Shelfari
is basically most of my TBR list.
I don't get books as gifts except when I won an Amazon gift certificate from a Shefari group (Play Book Tag), so I keep the lists for myself to know what to buy when I do go shopping for books.
I know I have to organize by piles and keep the books I have separate from the books I wish to buy, so I just might do that since the idea came up.. When I feel like doing it :)

So do you have a wishlist stored somewhere ??

Friday, September 25, 2009

Out Of The Box (The Edge Series #3) by Kallysten

Out Of The Box (The Edge Series #3) by Kallysten

Year Published: 2007

My Rating: 3 stars

49 pages

Genre: Romance/ Dark Fantasy

Another adventure with Virgina and Anando, this time she gives him total control but at the same time thinking of it as weakness.
Then he gives he total control to prove his point!
Very nice short read :) but I should warn you it's erotica with vampires ;)

Quotes I enjoyed:
"Weakness?" he repeated. "You think giving control to someone else makes you weak?"

"What you showed, Virgina, is the very opposite of weakness. You entrusted your body, your pleasure and your very life to me, when you couldn't know what I would do with any on them, That's not weakness. That's courage, and audacity. It takes more bravery to surrender to a lover than it does to accept such a gift."

"I'd say 'mine'," he murmured, his low voice sinking beneath my skin and settling there like a purring cat, "but after tonight, maybe 'yours' would be more accurate."

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Booking Through Thursday - Recent Sadness

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What’s the saddest book you’ve read recently?

I usually avoid sad books because when I read I want something fun and entertaining.. life is already full of sadness.. but sometimes I get caught off guard..

I couldn't choose just one so the books that I remember that did that to me are.. (in no particular order)

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Atonement by Ian McEwan

PS, I Love You by Cecilia Ahern

A Boy Called It by Dave Pelzer

Sincerely Yours by Rebecca Goings

Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson

Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas by James Patterson

So what are you sad books??

One Lovely Blog Award #3

My wonderful friend ds @ third-storey window awarded me this lovely award.. and she wrote these kind words which I treasure..

"There is one more, who has been away from blogland for some time because she was traveling and has lately suffered family tragedy. She is an extraordinarily generous blogger-- her blog is about books and also about other blogs. It is not all about her. True openness and generosity of spirit can sometimes be misunderstood; the very shy often wish to please everyone--alas, an impossible task. I hope that this award will please this blogger and also let her know that she is appreciated for who she is, not just what she does, and that we are all behind her.

Desert Rose--this one’s for you."

Thank you ds, you have made my day :)

I will apologize for not passing this award along because I have been away for a while, therefore I have not discovered any new blogs lately..

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What's on Your Desk Wednesday?

Yvonne @ Socrates' Book Reviews have tagged me with this cute meme..

What's on your desk Wednesday? is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Sassy Brit of . Check her blog out each Wednesday for the post titled What's on your desk Wednesday?

You can do one of two things or both!

1. Grab a camera and take a photo of your desk! Or anywhere you stack your books/TBR pile. And no tidying! Add this photo to your blog.Tag at least 5 people! Come back here and leave a link back to your photo in comments.

2. List at least 5 BOOKISH things on your desk (I'm thinking your TBR pile or books you haven't shelved...) List at least 5 NON BOOK things. (I'm thinking some of some of the more unusual items on your desk/table?) Tag at least 5 people to do the same. Come back here and leave your link, so we can come and visit your blog. Or add your answers in the comments if you don't have a blog.

I'm too lazy to take a photo and then download it to my laptop so I'll just tell you what is on my desk..
5 Bookish thing..
1. A children's storybook
3. Current book I'm reading: Immoral by Brian Freeman
4. My Sony Ereader open to Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith
5. Notebook for keeping up with the challenges, which I neglected for a while

5 Non bookish things
1. Pens
2. Paperclips
3. Notepad
4. Cd's
5. My Iphone

I'll have to tag 5 people.. so here goes..

ds @ third-storey window
Insert Book Title @ Insert Book Title Here
eshda3wa @ eshda3wa
Natasha @ Maw Books Blog
Marta @ Marta's Meanderings

Hot Blooded by Lisa Jackson

Hot Blooded by Lisa Jackson

Year Published: 2001

My Rating: 5 stars

461 pages

Dr. Samantha Leeds is a psychiatrist that gives consultation to people through the radio waves. Then she starts getting threatening prank calls and messages threatening to reveal her darkest secret, the secret that was the reason she left Houston.
At the same time, a serial killer is on the loose, leaving weird clues behind.
Are the two connected? Is the killer out to get Samantha? Or is it just plain coincidence?

This was such an interesting book, twists and turns and surprises all the way.
It was the first time I read for Lisa Jackson and it will be the first in many, I loved her story-telling it was so gripping you just have to know what's going to happen next.
I will schedule Cold Blooded, the sequel for this book to be read soon :)

For all those crime/serial killer/murder fans.. This is highly recommended ;)

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:

Wonderful, he thought sarcastically, as the fan blew hot air against the back of his neck, just what this city needs: a serial killer.

Now I know why she's such a bargain. Bright Angel, my ass. More like Satan's Revenge. Maybe I'll rename her if I decide to buy.

Dr. Sam's voice was farther away now, muffled by the static on the radio and the buzz in his mind, but soon, oh, so soon, Samantha Leeds would understand.
About forgiveness and retribution.
About atonement and punishment.
About paying.
For her sins.
All of them.
He'd make her.
Just you wait, Doctor. Your time is coming. Then we'll see what you think about forgiveness, he thought, stroking himself.
Then we'll hear you beg.

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To All My Cyber Friends: Thank You!

I have been neglecting my precious blog long enough!! I have been avoiding checking in on it for a while although I have been checking my email and surfing around a bit.

I thank all my wonderful friends who have sent emails, tweeted, sent private messages, awarded me awards or commented on my blog. I thank them all for the support they have showed me and do know I have read each one of them and appreciate your kindness.

I won't be able to reply to everyone so I'm posting my gratitude here.

You have all supported me in my most difficult times and made me feel I have tons and tons of real friends all over the world and that is very precious to my heart. THANK YOU ALL!!!

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My Dear Father-In-Law Passed Away!!

My last post was about my Dad passing away, this one is sadly about my Father-in-Law's (who I call my Uncle) passing away :(

My Father-In-Law was admitted to the hospital on the same day my dad was admitted that was Sunday 16th August, he then had some complications and got a chest infection then admitted to the ICU while my dad was a;ready in a coma. We did not inform my Father-in-Law about my father's deteriorating state to avoid upsetting him because they were very close friends and family.
At the time my dad's heart stopped my Father-In-Law was sent to have a CT Scan so he did not know what was going on in the ICU, that was coincidental!
He was on machines so they were keeping him asleep so it would not bother him and visitations were limited so we could not see him, only his sons were allowed..
Then on Sunday 30 August at around 6:30 pm I called to check up and was told he has just passed away.. it was so shocking I could not believe I would loose my two fathers one week apart!!

If this was a movie, I would have said they are exaggerating because it's too unbelievable.. I'm still in shock from my dad and now my second dad.. I was waiting for him to come home to tell him about my dad and try to find some peace talking to him and telling him how I feel, he always listens to me and gives me all the attention I need, he does this with everyone.. He had a very huge heart that accommodates everyone, he never pushes anyone away and would listen to everyone young and old.. He was very wise and righteous.. I had so many things I wanted to ask him and share with him.. I knew he was the best person to console me about my dad.. Now I lost him before I had a chance to do that..
His wife and children are so devastated specially his daughters (my sister's-in-law), I'm trying to console them the best I can and giving them the support and to advise them by chanting.. "Don't Think"!!

Even my husband is in a very bad shape, he is trying to be strong for his mother and his siblings but it's so very hard.. plus he is supporting me!!

So now we are both trying to support and console each other, and we both know that we each love both dads so very dearly.

Both my dads were the heads of their families.. meaning they were the eldest in each family so they are so popular and loved.. every one coming to console us starts crying :(

I just feel I want to curl up in a corner and die.. I can't think clearly anymore.. I'm still in a shock from my dad and now it's a double shock!

May God be with us all!

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Books Read In 2007

  • PS, I Love You by Cecilia Ahern
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling
  • Where There is Evil by Sandra Brown
  • Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
  • New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
  • The Sins of the Fathers by Lawrence Block
  • Time to Murder and Create by Lawrence Block
  • Drop Dead Sexy by Elisa Adams

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