Wednesday, October 21, 2015

When We Were Friends by Tina Seskis

When We Were Friends by Tina Seskis

5 stars

Year Published: 2013

389 pages

They were 6 best friends when they were in University and they kept in touch having reunions to try to keep that friendship but life changes and each has her own problems.
One day after twenty five years, they chose to have a reunion picnic in Hyde Park. It started alright then by the end while in drunken fury words were thrown and accusations made which will change their lives forever.
By the end of the night only five went home.
It was sad what happened with them and to them beacuse after that drunken picnic nothing will ever be the same.

This is the first time for me author and I totally enjoyed it.
The chapters were short and although the story kept going from one off the ladies to the other and from the past to the present it was a light and enjoyable read. I felt it understandable that they grew apart from what they faced and the secrets that were kept, he betrayal and heartaches.
I do have to mention that I LOVED the cover!! It was just so beautiful.

I will keep a lookout for other books by this author.

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