Thursday, May 10, 2012

Truth In The Dark by Amy Lane

Truth In The Dark by Amy Lane

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 4 stars

186 pages

Tags: M/M, fantasy, rape, bullying, love, family.

Naef was a child with some certain body deformities, he lived on in a village with his mother and sister who adore him so much despite his condition. That did not stop the village bullies from tormenting him and turning his childhood more traumatic that it already was. Then one day when he was 12 years old he was brutally and violently beaten and raped. He never was the same again! He became Knife!
He put all his energy in carving until he excelled in molding those wooden pieces with his knives.

Then one day he meets a creature/man that needed Knife's help. He wanted a companion for a year and the completion of a 'regrettable task' by the year's end, then he may return to his family.
In return, he will flood him with gold and gorgeous stuff for his sister who will marry this creature/man's cousin.

It's the adventure of Knife when he goes with Aerie-Smith that is the main story.

This was such a touching story, so tender and loving. Romantic in a very soft way. I loved Aerie-Smith, he was so good for Naef (he kept insisting on calling him by his given name), he tried to make him fight his demons all while having to deal with his own.
Their love was so tender and it kept building up. I just loved this story. It's kind of a Beauty and the Beast theme, so it's fantasy but oh-so-nice!

Highly recommended for those who enjoy fantasy with an m/m theme.

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