Sunday, July 12, 2009

Five Alarm Flirting by Moira Rogers

Five Alarm Flirting by Moira Rogers

Year Published: 2007

23 pages on my Sony Reader

My Rating: 4 stars

Belinda the bartender just relieved her coworker Valerie to leave and go, since not so many customers were left in the bar.. only Casanova at the end of the bar..
As soon as Valerie leaves, a new customer John Murphy is new in town and comes in to order a beer.. one thing lead to another and the flirting starts..

Nice short story with a hot scene in the end :)

Serial by Blake Crouch & JA Konrath

Serial by Blake Crouch & JA Konrath

Year Published: 2009

55 pages on my Sony reader

My Rating: 5 stars

# 1: Don’t go hitchhiking, because the driver who picks you up could be certifiably crazy.

# 2: Don’t pick up hitchhikers, because the traveler you pick up could be a certifiably crazy.

So what if, on some dark, isolated road, Crazy #1 offered a ride to Crazy #2?

This was an amazing thriller with 2 serial killers instead of one.. so what happens when they meet each other.. I loved this short story very much!!

But if you don't like horrofic scenes and violent murders don't consider reading it :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mailbox Monday (6 July)

Mailbox Monday is hosted by Marcia @ The Printed Page

For this week I received a bunch of books :) It was so exciting to find my mailbox stuffed with wonderful books!!

I'm posting this a day early because tomorrow "Monday" I will be busy doing my last minute things before leaving for our trip to Malaysia :)

1. Follow Me by Joanna Scott (Won @
The Novel Bookworm )

On a summer day in 1946 Sally Werner, the precocious young daughter of hardscrabble Pennsylvania farmers, secretly accepts her cousin's invitation to ride his new motorcycle. Like so much of what follows in Sally's life, it's an impulsive decision with dramatic and far-reaching consequences. Soon she abandons her home to begin a daring journey of self-creation, the truth of which she entrusts only with her granddaughter and namesake, six decades later. But when young Sally's father--a man she has never known--enters her life and offers another story altogether, she must uncover the truth of her grandmother's secret history.

Boldly rendered and beautifully told, in FOLLOW ME Joanna Scott has crafted a paean to the American tradition of re-invention and a sweeping saga of timeless and tender storytelling.

2. Swordplay edited by Denise Little (Won @ Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' GIVEAWAYS! )

Seventeen rapier-sharp stories of swordplay, magic, and adventure...

From a samurai’s sword to an assassin’s blade, from Custer’s cavalry sword to D’Artagnan’s deadly weapon, from the sword of Damocles to the legendary Excalibur, these all-new spellbinding tales get straight to the point. Whether it’s a sword bespelled to crave blood, cold steel that magicks its wielder into a video game, or a dwarf-crafted blade meant to slay a dragon, these weapons each come sheathed in their own fascinating story that cuts right to the heart of fantasy adventure.

3. Ages Of Wonder edited by Julie E. Czerneda & Rob St. Martin (Won @ Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' GIVEAWAYS! )

nineteen stories of myth and magic through the centuries

Here are nineteen original stories of myth, magic, and the creatures of fantasy, as seen through different historical eras— from the Age of Antiquity to the Age of Sails, the Colonial Age, the Age of Pioneers, the Pre-Modern Age, and the Age to come...

4. Other Earths edited by Nick Gevers & Jay Lake (Won @ Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' GIVEAWAYS! )

one world among many... eleven stories about them all

What if Lincoln never became president, and the Civil War never took place? What if Columbus never discovered America, and the Inca developed a massive, technologicallyadvanced empire? What if magic was real and a half-faerie queen ruled England? What if an author discovered a book written by an alternate version of himself?

These are just some of the possible pathways that readers can take to explore the Other Earths that may be waiting just one page away.

5. Terribly Twisted Tales edited by Jean Rabe & Martin H. Greenberg (Won @ Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' GIVEAWAYS! )

eighteen stories that offer a new twist on old fairy tales

From Hansel and Gretel and Goldilocks, to Snow White, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, and more, here are eighteen stories that take familiar fairy tales and twist them around to give them an entirely new slant. Any fan of far-out fantasy is sure to be delighted

6. Running Blind "A Jack Reacher Novel" by Lee Child (Won @ Life In The Thumb )

Across the country women are being murdered by a killer who leaves no evidence, no fatal wounds, no signs of struggle, and no clues to a motive. They are, truly, perfect crimes. In fact, the only thing that links the victims is the man they all knew: Jack Reacher.

7. Tripwire "A Jack Reacher Novel" by Lee Child (Won @ Life In The Thumb )

Reacher's anonymity in Florida is shattered by an investigator who's come looking for him. But hours after his arrival, the stranger is murdered. Retracing the PI's trail back to New York, Reacher's compelled to find out who was looking for him and why. He never expected the reasons to be so personal-and twisted.

8. No Second Chance by Harlan Coben (Won @ Life In The Thumb )

When the first bullet hit my chest, I thought of my daughter...

Dr. Marc Seidman has been shot twice, his wife has been murdered, and his six-month-old daughter has been kidnapped. When he gets the ransom note-he knows he has only one chance to get this right. But there is nowhere he can turn and no one he can trust.

Going on a Vacation !!

I've been quite busy for the past 2 weeks so I've sadly neglected my blog, that is because I'm preparing for my vacation trip.. Going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ;)

I will be leaving Monday 6th of July but hopefully I will be checking on my blog every now and then since I will be taking my Netbook with me :)

Take care everyone and Happy 4th Of July everyone ;)

I will be posting my travel related posts on my travelogue ;)

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  • Drop Dead Sexy by Elisa Adams