Monday, December 13, 2010

The Raising by Laura Kasischke

The Raising by Laura Kasischke

Year Pubished: 2011

My Rating: 5 stars

496 pages

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley
Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful book!

Craig has been roomed with Perry who comes from a town called Bad Axe. Nicole comes from Bad Axe too and has known Perry all her life, in kindergarten, school and in study groups.

So when Nicole turns up at their door looking for Perry to start a study group, Craig is smitten.
They start to date and Craig is just crazy about her. What he is not crazy about is the sorority she is a part of. But he tries to understand just to keep her happy. There is absolutely nothing Craig won't do for her.

Then tragedy strikes when they end up in a car accident, and Nicole dies. He is devastated and can't even remember what really happened that night. Even after so many counseling sessions. The police don't blame him but Nicole's sorority sisters do.
He is trying to live through his grief and trying to shake the guilt that is consuming him.

Now other people on the campus start seeing Nicole and another dead girl. Are they seeing ghosts or are they hallucinating??

Professor Polsen teaches a class about Death, Dying and the Undead, so she teams up with Perry to write a book about these sightings and other weird things happening.

But things just seem to get complicated for everyone, and everything doesn't seem what it is. So what is really happening??

At the first when I started reading this book, I was confused that it kept going back and forth between characters and the two time periods (Before and After Nicole's death). I felt that the characters where just too much. But that was my initial feeling for the book and I was considering stopping in the beginning..

Then the action started, and I just couldn't put it down. It was AMAZING!!! And the characters where just perfect. Craig was a jerk up until he met Nicole, then he just became the most adorable guy.
The going back and forth was very necessary and I got used to it. It kept you up to date with all the characters at once.

Every time I thought I solved the puzzle, some surprise changes everything.. It is full of unexpected surprises and twists and turns. I can't say enough about this book.. I have finished it and am still thinking about it.. It is from the few books that linger with me even after I finished reading it..

The writing was incredible. This is the first time for me reading for this author and it will surely be the beginning :) I just love her style.

I loved the cover too, it is very expressive!!

It has become one of the favorites for this year!! I'm sure it will be on the top of the bestseller list in 2011.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Do Not Download This eBook by Pete Anstice

Do Not Download This eBook by Pete Anstice

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 5 stars

26 pages

I got this ebook for free from Feedbooks.

OMG, this book shocked me, intrigued me and scared the hell out of me!!!

As the book states, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS EBOOK, but I just wouldn't listen, so I did. And it kept saying to stop reading but I couldn't.
Then when I thought there was no story there comes cute adorable Fluffy... and I ADORE kittens!

It's a story I won't forget for a long time!!

I can't say more or I'll just spoil the story since it's a short read, so you have to DOWNLOAD it to know what happens.

A favorite for this year!

The Bench by Pete Anstice

The Bench by Pete Anstice
Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 4 stars

11 pages

I got this ebook free from Feedbooks

Two old men sitting on a bench having the same conversation over and over.

All while I'm reading this I was expecting something to go different, don't want to spoil the fun.. you have to read it to know what really happens in the end.

Very enjoyable fast read! 

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Ladder by Pete Clark

The Ladder by Pete Clark

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 4 stars

19 pages

I got this ebook free from Feedbooks.

A boy and his dad discover a ladder on an old tree in there yard. When the boy climbs to discover it weird things happen.

Now the boy disappeared and the father went up to look for him. But the boy told him to go back and that he will be back, so the dad is waiting!

Very nice suspence short story, I wish it was longer and the event more investigated.. Hopefully it would be the beginning of a novel!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBride

An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBride
(An Uncommon Whore #1)

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 4 stars

122 pages

Note: It's M/M Romance!!

This ebook was recommended to me by Mel from the M/M Romance group in Goodreads for the Quarterly Gang Bang Challenge.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

To Find And To Keep by Serena Yates

To Find And To Keep by Serena Yates

Year Published: 2009

My Rating: 3 stars


Note: It's M/M Romance!!
This ebook was recommended to me by Serena from the M/M Romance group in Goodreads for the Quarterly Gang Bang Challenge.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Regularly Scheduled Life by K.A. Mitchell

Regularly Scheduled Life by K.A. Mitchell

Year Published: 2008

My Rating:

301 pages

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wanting by M. L. Rhodes

Wanting by M. L. Rhodes

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 4 stars

64 pages

Note: It's M/M Romance!!

This ebook was recommended to me by Alina from the M/M Romance group in Goodreads for the Quarterly Gang Bang Challenge.

Jeremy can't seem to stop staring at his mobile phone, in class, the library or anywhere he is. What he is staring at is a picture of his best friend and roommate Ben Cross in a peaceful moment after a tumble between the sheets :)

The problem is that moment of passion between them was a first since Ben is gay and Jeremy isn't. Now Jeremy is confused, he needs to talk to someone about what happened but he has no one to talk to since he always goes to his best friend for that!! Now how does he discuss what happened with him??
He's trying to avoid his girlfriend and run from class as soon as it's finished.

His main confusion being that he can't stop thinking about what happened and in the same time questioning his straightness

I enjoyed this friends to lovers story, it was sweet and Jeremy's confusion is adorable! I felt bad for the girlfriend though, she didn't deserve what happened to her.. but that's life!
Plus they had a third roommate, Al. The Texan cowboy is just perfect. He was a very lovable character. I wish there would be a book dedicated to him!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Book Of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

The Book Of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

Year Published: 2011

My Rating: 5 stars

320 pages

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley.

Tamara is a teenager who is used to getting whatever she wants, born into wealth and living in a mansion in addition to being whiny and bitchy. Now she tragically loses her dad, which also means losing everything her life was revolving around it seems in addition to her mother's sanity as well.

So, they are forced to move to the country with her uncle and his wife, who seems to try too hard to please them, or is she?!

Now her mother is acting strangely and sleeping more and more, very seldom leaving her room, and Tamara is told that she is grieving and should be left alone to relax and find her peace.

She finds out that the country is so different that the life she is used to, life now is more basic and simple. She tries to make friends with the librarian of the travelling library Marcus, a guy on the grounds called Weasley and an old Nun.

But things don't seem as they appear to be and soon Tamara starts to uncover deep dark secrets concerning all those around her, with the help of a weird book that seems to know things before they happen!

Then when things start to reveal itself in the end and the secrets are no more, it gets so fast paced and exciting it's so hard to not fly through the pages. I kept guessing and guessing till the end!

The ending was very satisfying and makes the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly, so no loose ends!

This book blew me away!! Utterly AMAZING!!!
It was literally so hard for me to put down, I didn't want anyone or anything to take me away from this wonderful story!
It is one of my favorite books for this year!! And probably one of my favorites, period!
I also loved the cover art, it is superb! So cute and dreamy!

This is the second book I read for this author and she amazed me both times, the first book I read was P.S. I Love You and it's still an all-time favorite for me.

I'm sure I'll get her other books as soon as I can!

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:
What a luxury it must be to disappear as she has, leaving everyone else to sweep up the mess and salvage whatever fragments of life are left.

I could see that if the bluebottle just moved up a few inches, he'd be free. He wasn't really trapped at all, he was just looking in the wrong place.

I stood shivering in the avocado-colored bath as the hot water trickled down with all the power of baby drool, and I longed for my pink iridescent mosaic-tiled wet room with six power-shower jets and a plasma TV in the wall.

Rosaleen, the busy domestic bee, immediately jumped into action and came at me with giant oven gloves on her hands.
I lightly boxed each of her hands. She didn't get the joke. But without a word, or a twitch, or a movement of any kind in Arthur's face I sensed he got it.

I couldn't help but smile, watching that. It should have been weird, her treating him like a child going off to school, but it wasn't. It was nice.

"Hi, Mum, it's me. I'm outside the house in a bus full of books and a cute guy is going to drive me to the town. I'll be back in a few hours. In case I don't come back, his name is Marcus Sandhurst, he's five foot ten, has black hair, blue eyes ... Any tattoos?" I asked.
He lifted his top. Ooh, he was ripped.
"He's got a Celtic cross on his lower abdomen, no chest hair, and a silly smile. He likes Scarface, Coldplay and Pizza, and is hoping to get into books in a big way. See you later."
I hung up and Marcus burst out laughing. "You know me better than most people."

"What the hell ... " he said, trying to pull at the lock, making a series of grimaces. "Trust you to choose the only book in here that doesn't have an author or a title and is padlocked."

I don't doubt that Dad loved Mum. He adored her. He was always looking at her, touching her, opening doors for her, bringing her flowers, shoes, handbags, constant surprises to show her he was thinking of her on the most ridiculous things, which annoyed me to no end.

But you can't lose a daughter, can you? A child of yours will always be your child, whether you see them or care for them or not. A wife, now, she can easily be lost.

Dad was a stand-at-the-front-door-and-wave-until-you-can't-see-the-car-anymore kind of person.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beach Challenge - Anthology

Beach Challenge - Anthology

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 4 stars

69 pages

I got this book through Xcite books to review.
It is M/M Erotic Romance. It's hot so beware :)

This is an anthology of five erotic short stories, it was short and sweet. I enjoyed most of the stories so I will review each one briefly so as not to spoil the fun :)

1. Beach Challenge by Elizabeth Coldwell (5 stars)
Reuben seems to have the right challenge to get the guy he wants, in a very fun way. Giving them a chance for privacy and a night he will never forget.Very sweet and nice :)

2. A Birthday Present by Ruth Ramsden (3 stars)
A guy gives his lover a birthday gift different than any other, introducing him to a new level of bondage.

3. The Anniversary Gift by Garland (5 stars)
Huston is an erotic writer who tries to add some flare into his love life with his lover Sug when things start to get dull. Is Sug ready for this addition? Really sweet! My favorite from the collection!!

4. Slash And Burn by Michael Bracken (3 stars)
Two skateboarding partners/lovers have a new encounters that changes their lives and portraying one of them as the Skateboard Hero.

5. The Collaring by Penelope Friday (2 stars) 

A formal binding celebration  is to be attended to bind the Master to his Slave. It includes some public humiliation. My least favorite!

Some quotes I enjoyed from the book:
"Like what you see?" he asked
"You know I do, Sug," I answered.
"You don't look like you do,"

"Sug," I spoke gently and laid a hand on his beating heart. "Please, don't take this personaly."
"Are you giving me the, we-need-to-take-some-time-apart, speech?" he asked still not looking at me.

"You'd cry too, Huston, if you couldn't turn on the man you loved."

"I'll be home late," he said pecking my lips. "Behave." He indicated the basement . I can't believe he actually implied that! Maybe he had heard the unwarranted guilt in my voice after all.
"Don't worry, Sug. You know the only other men in my life are the ones I write about."

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vampire Tanning by S. Wolf

Vampire Tanning by S. Wolf

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 5 stars

17 pages

I got this ebook free from Smashwords

A tanning salon in Beverly Hills is attracting vampires to give them the tan of their lives.
With the owner Gabby that is a surprise all by herself.
When a vampire comes in to look for his cousin, the fun is about to begin.

I enjoyed this book very much and wished it was longer. I'm sure to check other books by this author.
The writing was fantastic and the story held good suspense.
What I disliked was the cover art of the book! I couldn't help it I had to say something :)

Note: It contains some explicit scenes and erotica!

Joy Ride by J.M. Snyder

Joy Ride by J.M. Snyder
Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 5 stars

28 pages

I got this ebook free from Smashwords.

Note: It's an M/M romance.

Brad has been flirting with Mack for a while, but Mack isn't taking it seriously.
When one day he talks him into a race, Mack gets the chance know how serious Brad really is,
when they reach a secluded path and the fun starts :)

A nice short fun ride that is very enjoyable :)

Happy New Year by Kenn Dahll

Happy New Year by Kenn Dahll
Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 4 stars

19 pages

I got this ebook free from Smashwords

It seems misfortune is with this couple all through the year.. so they are hoping that they would start this new year with a new start.
Misfortunes seem to follow them around everywhere they go even while meeting with some other hot guys :)

Note: It's a M/M romance.

The Boss's Terms by Ernest Winchester

The Boss's Terms by Ernest Winchester

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 3 stars

14 pages

I got this ebook free from Smashwords

Ruth is about to discover the other side of her boss, Mr. Hastings. When a letter she wrote goes wrong he calls her in to discuss what to do with her since her first annual evaluation is due.

The story was good and so was the writing, the ending was a unexpected shock. I didn't particularly like the end.

This was a first time author for me but I would like to check other publications since I enjoyed the writing style.

The Name On My Wrist by J.M. Snyder

The Name On My Wrist by J.M. Snyder

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 5 stars

18 pages

Without Reservations by J.L. Langley

Without Reservations by J.L. Langley

Year Published: 2006

My Rating: 4 stars

243 pages

This is the second book in the With or Without series.

Note: It's M/M Romance!!

This ebook was recommended to me by Cori from the M/M Romance group in Goodreads for the Quarterly Gang Bang Challenge.

Chayton Winston is a veterinarian and a werewolf. When a wolf patient is brought in one day, he starts having weird reactions toward it. Then he realizes that this werewolf is his mate.
When his mate wakes up, he realizes the same thing and hops on his lap for a kiss. The problem is Chay is not gay, but Keaton Reynolds is.
when he is confronted by that fact, Keaton is not pleased and tried every way he could think of to put this incident behind him and Chay with it.
But Chay is not ready to let Keaton go, he has been wanting a mate since he was 4 years old, and now that he has one he is not letting go!

Now they both have to work on their relationship and the prejudices they are facing against gays, even from their closest family and friends.
They fight a battle while depending on each other and fully trusting in what is between them. So will their love succeed against all this?

I liked both characters, although Chay and his persistence was so cute! They were a nice couple, and the blossoming relationship between them was endearing.

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:
Joe Winston answered on the second ring, "Hey, Son. whatcha doing?"
"I really wish you wouldn't do that. It's creepy."
"what?" His father's voice was laced with amusement.
"You know what."
Joe laughed. "But that's what the caller ID is for. So I know who's calling before I answer it."

Chay snagged a pair of black sweatpants off a hanger and pulled out a T-shirt. when he turned, Keaton was standing in the middle of the bedroom with the blanket clutched around him, seeming for all the world like a kicked dog.

He smelled Chay before hearing the knock at the door. Keaton rolled his eyes. Even Chay's scent called to him. And damn if his idiot c*** didn't jump up and take note of Chay's arrival too. Stupid sensitive sense of smell. Damned Pheromones. Keaton sighed and stomped to the door. He flung it open and glared.
Chay smiled -damn him- and held out a pizza box and a six-pack of beer.

"Why are you here, Chay?"
"Because you are mine. I haven't figured out what the hell I' going to do with you yet, but it doesn't change the fact that you're my mate."

Keaton held a hand out. "But no kissing. No touching, no.. no.. nothing physical."
Yeah, why? his c*** wanted to know.

Keaton was everything he'd ever wanted in a mate. More actually, Bit had extra...well, bits.

His attention zeroed in on that tight little ass in front of him. Bit had a nice ass. Shit. His c*** stiffened again. Bit turned his head as he stapped up on the porch. "Chay? You comin'?"
Not yet, but you keep teasing me, I bet I can get pretty close. "Yeah."

Chay was happy as a pig in shit. The man seemed so comfortable in his own skin it was almost disgusting.

Bit's cool, calm demeanor after such a display of power was hot. Damn if Chay's c*** didn't stand up and wave hi.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Autumn Wedding by C J Perryman

An Autumn Wedding by C J Perryman
Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 5 stars

36 pages

This book is a short story I got for free from Smashwords.

Nicola went to a wedding reception prepared with her silver balls and to watch some fun. She sees her all-time friend David and Stewart there.
She catches the bride and groom in an upstairs bedroom but stays in the dark. She then sees another couple at the boathouse rocking their world.

When the party ends, she takes David home with her to have their private fun together.

Sweet, nice story that introduced me to this new-to-me author. I enjoyed the writing style and the story very much.
Plus I loved the cover, it is so GORGEOUS and ROMANTIC.

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:
"Catch." Nicola tossed the slickly-coated ball gently across the table. David caught it, smelt tit as he would the cork of a delicate wine and then held it in front of his mouth, his tongue flicking out just twice to taste its flavour.
"Mmm. But don't these usually come in pairs?"
"They do. Another man has the second."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Textile Free by Delilah Devlin

Textile Free by Delilah Devlin
Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 3 stars

18 pages

I got this book free from Smashwords

A lady is getting ready to enter the sauna when an old lady stops her and tells ger in German "textilfrei" meaning Textile Free? Well, actually what she meant was no clothes are allowed inside the sauna. as the guy outside the sauna room explained.
So she then goes and takes her clothes off and comes back with only a towel wrapped around her.

When she goes inside, the guy follows her and makes small talk.. Then her inhibitions start to melt away with the steam.. making a new kind of steam.

Nice, fast erotic read!

The Englisher Seduction by Lili Koi

The Englisher Seduction by Lili Koi

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 4 stars

13 pages

I got this book from Smashwords for free.

It's a story about an English woman attending an auction full of Mennonite marketers revealing more skin that their own women and making her a pleasing sight to look at.
Going around with her hidden camera, taking photos of the men and wishing for a recorder to record their unique, unintelligible voices and conversations, since she is interested in art.

She gets to buy something and meet a guy, then her hidden secret is revealed to the annoyed marketers and they decide to have some fun with her.

I enjoyed the writing of the story and the storyline, true it's short but very good.
I hope to read more books by this author, hopefully novels.
But I do wish of better cover art, I didn't particularly like this cover.

Quotes from the book:
In the darkness, I felt their weight pressing me against the buggy. Large calloused hands held me from all different places. Some cupped my breasts while others lifted me from the middle, poking their fingers through pant cloth, continuing their search for the heat. I knew some of them were angrey, and I looked back into the darkness for Aaron.

I didn't know what to say. these men were not the same industrious unfeeling men I watched earlier. They were not caricatures of the religion I thought they should be. I was wrong to invade their world with my art and camera. I backed away from the men and felt myself pulled into the arms of the at strong man who trapped my arms behind my back.

Thaw And Serve by Jessica Freely

Thaw And Serve by Jessica Freely 

Year Published: 2008

My Rating: 3 stars

9 pages

I got this book free from Smashwords

Mal Spencer is caught up in a hold-up in a convenience store.

While laying face down on the Breast-O-Turkey he bought himself to celebrate his solitary holiday, the store clerk is trying reasoning with the gunman.

He realizes the store clerk looks familiar, then discovers the boy knows him all too well.

Fun, sweet and entertaining!! Contains some suggestive stuff :)

Porn Can Be Fun by Tracy Koehler

Porn Can Be Fun by Tracy Koehler

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 2 stars

10 pages

I got this book free from Smashwords

A short fun story about a barely legal couple watching porno together for the first time. Since he works in his buddy's video shop, he lets him take a few pornos each weekend. Every time he watches them alone.
But this time it's different, he convinces his girlfriend to watch it with him.
A new experience for her that she totally enjoyed!

Has some explicit scenes :)

Yolanda's Escape by Gypsy deWilde

Yolanda's Escape by Gypsy deWilde

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 5 stars

22 pages

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Good Thief James Buchanan

The Good Thief by James Buchanan

Year Published: 2007

My Rating: 4 stars

240 pages

Note: It's M/M Romance!!

This ebook was recommended to me by Msmiz95 from the M/M Romance group in Goodreads for the Quarterly Gang Bang Challenge.

Quotes I enjoyed from this book:
"Chulpalmae." Ceasar panted... Suck me.
"I don't know who else I can tell about this."
"What? Two casual fucks makes us good buds? Oh, I don't know how to handle this, I'll go find Nate?"
"Wrap me up inside you and let me forget about what I saw. This bust is going to make you and screw me. we both know that. Give me a little peace tonight." The last few words were whispered hot against Nate's jaw.

"We're involved, sort of."
"By involved, and the fact that you won't look at me, I'm interpreting that as playing mattress bingo?"

"You're," Al seemed to search his brain for a way to phrase it, "fuck buddies?"
"How 'bout fucked up buddies?" Ceasar rolled his eyes and shook his head. He had no idea what to call it. "I guess that's about as close as you could get."

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson

Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson

Year Published: 2009

My  Rating: 5 stars

163 pages

This ebook was recommended to me by Nene from the M/M Romance group in Goodreads for the Quarterly Gang Bang Challenge.

This is one of the hardest reviews that I remember writing. The reason being I so much enjoyed this book and lived with the characters, it felt so alive and I kept going back to remember some scenes or quotes from the book.
It was so endearing and touching on so many levels. It was so hard for me to start another book after it and get into the feel again. It just drained me emotionally but in a very good way!

If there was a rating higher than 5 out of 5 stars I would have given this book. I could not recommend it enough for those M/M romance fans. Specially with the themes of Gay For you, Friends to Lovers, and Virgins.

All Chaz ever wanted to be was a Needle Gunner, since he has natural instincts and perfect reflexes.
So when he starts in the Lunar Academy of Excellence he is partnered with a Needle Pilot called Ferron, who just lost his partner a couple of months ago.
Now he is in for a real surprise, since Needle partners not only share there lives but also their skin. He discovers that to fly the Needle in the best manner and to have the perfect reflexes partners have to be really close to each other, and I mean really close.. Inside to be specific :)

All this to get ready for any invasion from the Lobster like aliens that could attack the Earth. So these heroes risk their lives and skin to help keep everyone safe on Earth.

So for Ferron to ready Chaz for this event, he slowly but surely tries to have Chaz relax with being in close proximity with him, specially that they share the same sleeping quarters and same bathroom.

It was not easy for Chaz since he was straight, or thought he was. even with a girlfriend back home. So he had to come to terms with his inner feelings and try to accept who he truly is.

I can't recommend it enough for M/M fans!!

Note: I loved the cover of the book, but it's quite revealing for me to put on my blog so I apologise :)

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:
"In order to make it work, you're going t o have to listen to orders and do what I say. Inside the Needle, the pilot outranks the gunner every time. And our lives may depend on how close we and and how quickly you follow my lead. Understand?"

"Chaz." Ferron lifted his chin with one finger, forcing Chaz to look up at him. "I'm sorry if my bluntness bothers you. But tell the truth..." His eyes softened and his voice dropped intimately. "Do you really hate it when I hold you down, when I force you to hold still while I touch you?"

"Spread your legs, Brighton," he said and there was a steely note of command in his voice Chaz knew he wouldn't be able to disobey, "Get ready to be fucked."

"What do you want?" Chaz asked, forcing his mouth to move. It was an effort just to get the words out.
"To take care of you," Ferron said curtly. "Like I do every night, Green Eyes."
"Not tonight." Chaz stepped into the shower, barely even wincing as the boiling water hit his flesh.

Friday, October 1, 2010

With Love by J.L. Langley

With Love (With or Without Series #1) by J.L. Langley

Year Published: 2007

My Rating: 4 stars

107 pages

This is the first book in the With or Without series.
Note: It's M/M Romance!!

This ebook was recommended to me by Ozlem from the M/M Romance group in Goodreads for the Quarterly Gang Bang Challenge.

Devlin and his best friend are transferring himself and their business to a new town, thinking of joining the local pack. But things start on the wrong foot for Devlin with the pack's Alpha, while finding his mate in the most unexpected time.
Laine is the local pack's Omega, he gets in an akward situation and gets rescued by Devlin while uncontious. When he wakes up, he is surprised to find his mate watching him.
But the local Alpha is reluctant to let Lainey go, so it's up to Devlin to fight for his mate, which could be a fight for their lives. The problem is Lainey is an accident waiting to happen and insistant to help his mate.

This was such a fun book to read, the heroes are adorable, specially Lainey with his innocence and clumsiness. It was a treat.
I gave it 4 stars although I loved the story but the writing was a bit off at times :)
I have the next two books in the series in line to be read for this challenge.

NOTE: This books has explicit gay erotic scenes so beware :)

Quotes I enjoyed from this book:
"Fuck, I don't know what's sexier, you begging or your eyes shifting."

Very fun and cute story

Thaw by Jordan Castillo Price

Thaw (PsyCop, #1.1) by Jordan Castillo Price

Year Published: 2008

My Rating: 3 stars

4 pages

This ebook was recommended to me by Julia from the M/M Romance group in Goodreads for the Quarterly Gang Bang Challenge.

I thought of reading this book as the first book in the challenge since it's the shortest one, and I wanted to get a feel for this series.
I can't give any details since it was very short and I don't want to give any spoilers, but Victor and Jacob seem like likeable characters.
They go skating and seem cute together. I might start reading this series after I finish this challenge.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Criss Cross by Marion Francis

Criss Cross by Marion Francis

Year Published: 2009

My Rating: 2 stars

29 pages

A Romance Short Story

I got this book through Stanza for free.

The story of two female doctors Marsha and Sharon, meeting after some convention thing, Marsha offers Sharon a ride to the hotel, then having dinner together.
Marsha is a lesbian and  does not try to hide the fact, which opens Sharon's eyes to new things.
They then go to Marsha's Napa Valley cottage for the weekend and get closer and closer to each other.

I tried hard to like the story but to me it was just OK, something to pass the time. Maybe if it was a bit longer I could have gotten into the characters, but I just couldn't feel for either one.

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