Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Dear Dad Passed Away!!

I have been neglecting my blog for awhile because after I came back from my vacation I was not reading very much, I guess I didn't get into it yet again!

Then on Sunday the 16th of August my dad's blood sugar dropped for the second time and we didn't know why that was happening.. He is diabetic and on Insulin but this severe drops in his sugar level was new and after going into Hypoglycemic coma we admitted him.
They found out that he has renal failure and in need of Dialysis.. He became worse so he was admitted to the ICU and started Dialysis.. then on Wednesday morning he had a brain stroke and internal bleeding in his brain which accumulated in brain death.. his lungs stopped working and so he was put on the machine.. on Sunday the 23rd of August at 11:45 PM his heart stopped while me and my brothers were with him in the ICU..

It was such a tragic and painful 2 weeks, I am still in shock!! I cried when I heard the news on Wednesday and kept crying till he died.. then after that it was very hard for me to cry.. everyone around me is crying.. my aunts from both sides.. my cousins.. everyone!! Except me and my mom and my 2 brothers.. it's like we are the least affected although we are the direct family..
I'm writing this with not a tear in my eyes although I love my father so much.. he has been a great dad.. caring and loving and always thinking ahead..
Are we still in shock or denial? Will this wear off? Every time I start thinking of the memories I stop myself and keep chanting "don't think, don't think".. I don't know why I'm doing this.. I think I'm afraid to breakdown!

My hubby has been supporting me so very much, God bless him.. but he needs my support too.. His father was admitted to the hospital the same day as my dad and he is not doing very well .. he was admitted to ICU too and is still there until writing these words.. So I'm trying to support him as much as I can!
I seem to be forgetting a lot lately and not being able to focus on what I'm doing.. so I don't know when I will start reading and posting again.. I hope I would start doing so very soon because I want anything just to keep my mind busy and not start thinking..

I don't know if I made much sense in these words I just wrote but I just had to write it somewhere..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Evil Pink Unicorn Award

The sweet Sadako @ Get a Pencil and Your Casebook awarded me with this cute award while I was away on vacation.. so since I'm back I'm posting it a bit late :)
Thank you Sadako for this beautiful award :)

This is what the award means..

The Evil Pink Unicorn sees all, knows all, and spears all annoying teddy bears who get too close to her essential pinkness. She also commends good bloggers for being hilarious, bizarre, and just plain fun.

I'm gonna pass on passing this award but if you read this post regard yourself awarded :)

Rise Of The Bludgens The 4th Breed by Marcus Redgrave

Rise Of The Bludgens The 4th Breed by Marcus Redgrave

Year Published: 2009

My Rating: 3 stars

333 pages

I've been sent this ebook by Debra @ Book Reviews by Debra, I thank her for the opportunity :)

It's the story of an orphaned boy named Dwendel and his pet fox Gendrich and their adventures..

To say the truth, the prelude of the book was so captivating.. and the story is really good it reminded me of Lord Of The Rings.. but the creatures and species were so many I kept getting confused and losing track..
To be honest, I'm not used to reading fantasy but I'm sure it would be a great movie.. It's the same for me with LOTR.. I loved the movie but couldn't read the book.. it's easier for me to see them on screen.. I felt that it's just so much for me to comprehend.. my mind is not getting any younger ;)

So I would recommend this book for fantasy lovers and who enjoy LOTR style..

Quotes I enjoyed from the book..
"These people are still clouded by the thought that… that humans deem nothing else but absolute destruction. Certainly untrue!”

Mr. Hopps gazed at the Braggendore and smiled. He never expected that a young child could bring such hope to a clouded spirit.
“You're too young to be molded in such a way. There is still too much to learn. When you're older, you'll understand that violence isn't always the answer,” said Mr. Hopps.

“I must say, dying is certainly NOT a wise decision to come out of this hole,” an unknown voice hissed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm Back ..!!!

Well at last I'm back from my vacation.. actually I was back last Wednesday but I was tired and jetlag was catching up on me, plus I had to do some stuff around the house, empty the luggage, do tons and tons of laundry all week and distribute the gifts to family members..

So.. now since I've done all these things and everything is back to normal at home I can get back to reading and blogging.. I missed all of you but it was not easy to catch up on blogging while I was away.. even my reading suffered terribly.. I have only read those 2 short stories, so there are no pending reviews ;)

I'm back to reading Rise Of The Bludgens by Marcus Redgrave, and hope to finish it in these couple of days..

One of my two lifelong best friends got married while I was away :) and left the country the day I came back to live in PARIS for a couple of years while her hubby finishes his studies.. So although I am so ecstatic for her I'm sad that I didn't get a chance to see her before she left :( I hope she will at least be back here at Christmas time :)

I will be posting the few books I bought while I was on vacation soon.. and replying on the comments too :) Just give me a few more days ;)

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