Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flaming Hot by Marion Francis

Flaming Hot by Marion Francis

Year Published: 2009

My Rating: 2 stars

5 pages

Angelica is waiting for her date at the bar, when he arrives she tantalizes him then takes him to a corner for a quickie while wearing red from head to toe.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Circus Of The Damned by Laurell K. Hamilton

Circus Of The Damned by Laurell K. Hamilton

Year Published: 1995

My Rating: 5 stars

320 pages

This is the third book in the Anita Blake series.

Another murder has been commited and Anita is called again by the police to help. It seems that vampires are responsible, so who better to ask than the Master of the City, Jean-Claude, so she goes to see him in the Circus of the Damned.
She then gets into action with a huge cobra, some werewolves and ends up face to face with another master vampire who wants her as his human servant just like Jean-Claude.

The city seems to have so many masters fighting for the city and to be leader with Anita in the middle.

Even Humans First are lookin for the master of the city to get rid of him..

Battles, battles and more battles.. It it so action filled with a lot of sexual tension between Jean-Claude and his 'ma petite', with him trying to complete the process of making her his human servant.

I totally enjoyed this book and have started the forth book already..

Quotes I enjoyed from this book:
Whoever had murdered him had drained him completely. Good to the last drop? I fought the urge to smile and lost. If you spend a lot of time staring at corpses, you get a peculiar sense of humor. you have to, or you will go startk raving mad.

Visions of vampire victims danced in my head. And every one of them was partially my fault, because I was too chickenshit to go see the Master. If I could stop the killings now, with just one dead, I'd risk my soul daily. Guilt is a wonderful motivator.

"Where did you find her, Jean-Claude? The kitten has teeth."
'tell Yasmeen what the vampires call you, anita."
It sounded too much like an order, but this didn't seem the time to bitch at him. "The Executioner."
Yasmeen's eyes widened; then she smiled, flashing a lot of fang. "I thought you'd be taller."
"It disappoints me, too, sometimes," I said.

Jean-Claude's words blew through my mind like flower petals. I could even have sworn I smelled flowers. His voice had never held the scent of perfume before.

"Can the sarcasm," he said.
"Please, I always use fresh sarcasm, never canned."

But there is another kind of ghost. Psychic impressions, strong emotions, soak into the walls and floors of a building. It's like an emotional tape recorder. Sometimes with video images, sometimes just sound, sometimes just a shiver down your spine when you walk over a certain spot.

Fresh death smells like a cross between a slaughterhouse and an outhouse. shit and blood is what death smells like.

"You mean I have a sort of power over vampires, too?"
"If you could learn to harness your talents, Ms. Blake, yes, you have a certain power over all the dead, in their many guises."

"I feel like one,
Who treads alone
Some banquet hall deserted,
whose lights are fled,
Whose garlands dead, and all but he departed," I said.

He knelt in front of me again, but was careful not to touch me. "You desire me as a woman desires a man. Is that not better than some stranger taking you by force?"
"You didn't ask my permission for the first two marks. They weren't by choice."
"I am asking permission now. Let me share with you the third mark."

I stared at Jean-Claude still huddled on the corner of the bed. He lokked adorable, and if I'd had a gun, I'd have shot him on the spot.

"Jean-claude looked up with blood all over his face and said, 'I have not waited this long to take what I want her to give freely. It is a temptation.' Then he looked down at you, and there was something in his face, Anita. It was scary as hell. He really believes you'll come around. That you'll ... love him."

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Book by Pete Anstice

The Book by Pete Anstice

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 3 stars

18 pages

I got this book from Feedbooks for free.

An old lady appears at his doorstep and gives him a book to read. He tries to return the book, to get rid of it, but the book becomes a part of him.

Then when he finally reads it a surprise awaits.

Footsteps by Sandi B

Footsteps by Sandi B

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 3 stars

13 pages

I got this book for free from Feedbooks.

Someone stalking a lady and following her almost everywhere. From knowing where she works to what she eats and when she changes her bed linen.
The writing was good but the idea was a bit creepy with a slightly shocking end.

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:

Footstep Glisten
Footstep Stomp
Footstep Wait
Footstep Watch

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton

The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K. Hamilton

Year Published: 1995

My Rating: 5 stars

320 pages

This is the second book in the Anita Blake series.

I don't know what made me wait this long to read the second book although I totally enjoyed the first one.

Harold Gaynor offers Anita a million dollars to rais an ancient zombie, but since that means sacrificing a white goat, she declines.
Then a the most dangerous voodoo priestess offers a partnership with Anita that she also declines.
Meanwhile dead mangeled bodies are turning up everywhere, which means a serial something is out there, could it be a killer zombie? If it is who raised it and lost control?
While all this is happening Jean-Claude the gorgeous hot vampire is insistant on making Anita his human servant :D

This was an action packed that reads so fast, it's an amazing book that I enjoyed greatly!!

The third book is already ready to be read :)

You ROCK Anita!!

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:

Even teenagers with automatic pistols fear things you can't stop with bullets no matter how good a shot you are. silver plated bullets will harm a vampire, but not kill it. It will kill a lycanthrope, but not a zombie. You can hack the damn things to pieces, and the disconnected body parts will crawl after you. I've seen it. it ain't pretty. the gangs leave the Senora's turf alone. No violence. It is a place of permanent truce.

"No, Manuel does not talk to me anymore. His little wife forbids it." That last sentence was angry, bitter.
Oh, God. the most powerful voodoo priestess in the Midwest was acting like a scorned lover. Shit.

"You raise the dead, the zombie, and you do not deal in vaudun. Oh, chica, that is funny." Her voice sparkled with genuine amusement. So glad I could make her day.

The thing behind the door made a mewling sound. I couldn't tell if it was human or animal. It was bigger than a person, whatever it was. And it was dead. Very, very dead.

The smell of some expensive perfume floated around her. Powdery and fine, like talcum powder in your nose, sweet, flowery. Underneath was the stink of rotting flesh. It wrinkled my nose, caught at the back of my throut. The next time I smelled this delicate, expensive perfume, I would think of rotting flesh. Oh, well, it smelled too expensive to buy, anyway.

"Manny?" My voice was a hoarse whisper. This, for me, was worse than the zombies. The hell with strangers. This was Manny, and it couldn't be true.
"Manny?" I said it again. He wouldn't look at me. Bad sign.

"She knows nothing of the deeper magics. She cannot harm me, and she is too morally superior to commit cold-blooded murder."

"But, Anita, I already have a buyer for her."
"Oh, Jesus, you don't mean... Oh, God, a necropkiliac."

He pulled into the far lane. It seemd to be going a little faster. It slowed down as soon as we pulled in. Murphy's law of traffic.

He wasn't that tall, maybe five-eleven. His shirt was so white, it gleamed. The shirt was loose, long, full sleeves made tight at the wrist by three-buttoned cuffs. The front of the shirt had only a string to close the throat. He'd left it untied, and the white cloth framed the pale smoothness of his chest. The shirt was tucked into tight black jeans, and only that kept it from billowing around him like a cape.

Most people die and go to heaven or hell, and that's that. But a few, for whatever reason, don't work that way. Ghosts, restless spirits, violence, evil, or simple confusion; all of these can trap a spirit on earth. I'm not saying that it traps the soul. I don't believe that, but some memory of the soul, the essence, lingers.

Vampires were once ordinary human beings; zombies, too. Most lycanthropes start out human, though there are a few rare inheritd curses. All the monsters start out normal except me. Raising the dead wasn't a career choice. I didn't sit down in the guidance counselor's office one day and say, "I'd like to raise the dead for a living." No, it wasn't that neat or clean.
I have always had an affinity for the dead. Always. Not the newly dead. No, I don't mess with souls, but once the soul departs, I know it. I can feel it. Laugh all you want. It's the truth.

Most people fear the dark in a vague way. They fear what might be out there. I raise the dead. I've slain over a dozen vampires. I know what's out there in the dark. And I am terrified of it. People are supposed to fear the unknown, but ignorance is bliss when knowledge is so damn frightening.

"Anita, If you hurt me, it hurts you. I could survive the strain of your death. The question, amante de moi, is could you survive mine?"

His partner was standing on the other side of the car, leaning his arms on the roof of the car. "It's a kick to finally meet the spook squad's Executioner." He grinned as he said it.

I am an animator. I am the Executioner. But now I know I'm something else. The one thing my Grandmother Flores feared most. I am a necromancer. The dead are my speciality.

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