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From Dead To Worse by Charlaine Harris

From Dead To Worse by Charlaine Harris

Year Published: 2008

My Raring: 5 stars

336 pages

This is the 8th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series.
After the devastation of the vampire summit and hurricane Katrina things were not stable in the supernatural world. Some were's were being picked out and murdered and the new packleader is the suspect.
The vampire queen of Louisiana is not doing very well and other vampires are trying to take advantage of the situation!
Sookie is in the middle of all this plus some family problems with Jason she has to deal with.
Plus Sookie's boyfriend Quinn has disappeared since after the bombing of the Giza Hotel!
She gets introduced to new family members ;)

I loved this book as I have loved the previous books and since it does not have any hanky panky scenes with Quinn I am very happy :) Sookie is sucked in the problems of the supernatural world and she keeps trying to help as much as she could..
Some bittersweet scenes with Bill, Eric is adorable as usual, Sam is his sweet self, Alcide the good buddy and Amelia the perfect roomie!

I don't want to give too much away but action is high in this book, and as usual I highly recommend this book.. well actually this whole series :D

Quotes I enjoyed from the book: WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!

From his chair, Bill caught my eye and silently put his hand over his heart. It was a romantic and totally unexpected gesture, and for a moment I softened toward him.

"When you were the one who came to my aid, I decided it was fate. I did what I had been told to do by my queen. In so doing, I fell into a trap I couldn’t escape. I still can’t.” The trap of LUUUUVVVV, I thought sarcastically. But he was too serious, too calm, to mock. I was simply defending my own heart with the weapon of bitchiness.

“I would give anything to lie with you again,” he said.

He gave me a huge tip, and I glanced down to see that in my hurry to get downstairs I’d skipped a button. I was showing a little extra cleavage. I was momentarily embarrassed, but it wasn’t a slutty button, just a “Hey, I’ve got boobs” button. So I let it be.

“Hey,” I said. “How come Eric fetched me for you? You’re fairy, after all. Vampires go nuts when they smell fairies.” In fact, most vampires lost their self-control when they were around fairies. Only a very disciplined vampire could behave when a fairy got within smelling distance.

Niall had been able to mask the fairy odor from Eric in the restaurant, but I saw from the flare of Eric’s nostrils that the intoxicating scent clung to me. Eric’s eyes closed in ecstasy, and he actually licked his lips. I felt like a T-bone just out of reach of a hungry dog. “Snap out of it,” I said. I wasn’t in the mood. With a huge effort, Eric reined himself in. “When you smell like that,” he said, “I just want to f*** you and bite you and rub myself all over you.”

“I am woman, hear me roar,” I said.

“Bring it on, fur-ass!” she shrieked, beckoning with both hands to a Were who was slinking up on her from behind.

“Know this: I will die for her. If you harm her, I’ll kill you.” Bill turned his dark eyes on Eric. “Can you say the same?”

Bill knelt by my feet, his white face turned up to me. “I hope someday you’ll turn to me,” he said. “I’ll never force myself or my company on you.”

“Sitting here on your bed, smelling your scent,” he said in a voice so low I had to strain to hear it. “Sookie… I remember everything.”
“I want to be first. I know that’s selfish, and maybe unattainable, and maybe shallow. But I just want to come first with someone. If that’s wrong of me, so be it. I’ll be wrong. But that’s the way I feel.”

“I wonder if she even waited till they were in the ground before she activated the Aggravate Sookie to Death plan,” I said.

“I lay in front of your fire and talked to you about your life,” he said. Okay, way out of left field. “Uh. Yeah. We did that.” “I remember our shower together.” “We did that, too.” “We did so many things.” “Ah… yeah. Okay.” “In fact, if I didn’t have so much to do here in Shreveport, I would be tempted to visit you all by myself to remind you how much you enjoyed those things.” “If memory serves,” I said sharply, “you kind of enjoyed them, too.” “Oh, yes.”

“I’ll take your eye ahead of time, just in case you want mine.”

“I was not her first. And I always knew it was the vampire in me that attracted her, not the person who was a vampire.”

“I’m only telling you the truth. There has been only one you.”

If this was retaliation for the damn cheeseburger, I’d say she’d gotten a steak-size vengeance.

This was definitely an Oh, shit! moment. (An OSM, as I called them to myself.)

I’d straightened up and I was staring again. But when I glanced at Eric, I saw he was still bowing. Ah-oh. Well, I wasn’t one of his subjects and I wasn’t going to do that again. It had gone against my Americanness to do it once.

When he let go of me, I did an awkward sort of dip in the king’s direction (American! Not used to bowing!) and hopped into my car before either vampire could change his mind about my departure.

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Becky said...

Thanks for humoring me with all my questions about the series! :) It looks like I'm not the only one to have questions. I think I'll move on and keep reading. Thanks for cheering these books on! It's given me a big push. :)

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Hey it was my pleasure!! I could go on and on about this series like an Energizer Bunny :)
I'll be awaiting your thoughts about the rest of the series :D

Teddyree said...

Energizer bunny LOL!
Great review but I did stop reading at your spoiler warning as I'm only up to book 5.
I've been told book 9 is amazing so I'm on a reading frenzy to get to it LOL

feline9 said...

I just "discovered" you today in twitter via another tweeter- due to the love of books, then tonight see your blogg about one of my favourite authors!!! loved the whole series, plus her other series. Must investigate the rest of your blogg now

Great to get together with you now


Sharon said...

I love this series and can't wait to read this book. Thanks for the good review, now I know I won't be disapointed.

The Book Resort said...

I'm not gonna peek no matter how much you tempt me. Evil woman ;]. lol.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Teddyree, yes I love this series so much I could go on forever :)
Some of the quotes might give you a clue about some things that might happen that you might not have read so I just put it there in case :) I don't want to ruin the element of surprise!!

Now I don't want to start 9 because it's the last book available right now and I don't know when she will publish 10.. I will feel lonely after I read it :) So I'm trying to postpone it as much as possible :)

Feline9, yeah I have discovered a few people that way :)
I'm glad to find another fan of this author.. I have read some of her other series but this is THE best for me!!
Welcome to my humble blog and I hope you like your journey through it, it's great to get together with you too :)

Sharon, thanks ;) oh you won't be disappointed.. it's a great book :)

The Book Resort, ROTFL @ evil woman.. you CAN peek but after you finish the book so you don't spoil the fun ;)

Jess said...

I enjoyed this one as well but my favorite will always be Dead to The World.

Unknown said...

I have yet to get my hands on this series. With the mounting pile of my TBR books I don't think I'll ever see the light of day.
I love the "I am woman, hear me roar" quote.

The Book Resort said...

Thanks for making reading so much fun!

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Jess, I agree with you my favorite is still Dead To The World.. although I have other favorites in the series but that one is by far the best of the best :)

Lilly, oh it's an addictive series so beware :) I loved that quote very much ;) could be applicable in my life too!!

The Book Resort, Wow thanks for this so cool award.. you made my day :) Will post it soon!!

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