Thursday, May 28, 2009

Booking Through Thursday - Unread

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In the perfect follow-up to last week’s question, as suggested by C in DC:

Is there a book that you wish you could “unread”? One that you disliked so thoroughly you wish you could just forget that you ever read it?

I must have more than one book that I wish I never read, but the only one that come's to my mind right now is Love-Slave To The Sheikh by Miranda Lee . I really wish I didn't waste my time on this book because I just hate this kinky domination thing and it was tooooooooo much, I think it scarred me for life! Just kidding :)

So what is the book that you wish you could "unread" ? To check out what others have to say check here ..


jlshall said...

I couldn't really come up with any books I regret having read. But yes, "Love-Slave to the Sheikh" sounds like something that would be very regrettable! I don't think I'd be able to get beyond that title.

Minding Spot said...

lol the title just cracks me up!

Definately not something I would want to read either :)

Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

LOL! Thanks for the blog award. Here is mine

sundcarrie said...

Well I wasted my time being bored with a few books, If I could get the time back....
I can't think of any that were so bad I wish I could unread them

Missy B. said...

Any book with "Love-Slave" in the title should be avoided at all costs! LOL

Eli said...

Haha! Sounds like a book I wouldn't have liked either!

DeSeRt RoSe said...

jlshall, what you say is true, I should have stayed away from the title alone but I was reading in to try to catch up for a challenge plus I was curious ;) Now I'm not that curious :)

Wendy, I wouldn't pick another title with something close :)

Bluestocking, it was my pleasure :) I'll check yours asap :)

sundcarrie, I know but just think of it as a experience :) and for warning others not to waste their time either ;)

Missy, AMEN!!! Now I know.. although a bit late :) but better late than never ;)

Eli, LOL I guess I'm not alone :)

Vickie said...

You know what? I rarely finish a book that I don't like. Life is too short to read bad books, so I stop reading them as a rule once I figure out that they sucketh.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Good point Vickie.. I should always do that :) It's true life is too short and my pile of books is neverending :)

Melody said...

I can't remember if I've read that title, but I think most of Miranda Lee's books are great! :)

Nise' said...

Love Slave would be my blinking light 'avoid this one'. ;O0

Yvonne said...

That one doesn't sound very good.

Missy B. said...

BTW, I really like your music player! I also like the first song that plays - We Will Not Go Down- I have never heard it before.....

Sharon said...

LOL - Love Slave.... The title made me laugh but I, too, think I would have avoided it.

If I could unread one it would probably be The Picture of Dorian Gray. YIKES! That was a long, dry read. And my expectations were so up.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Melody, really?! She has good books!! If it's not bondage/domination related I might try it out :) but no promises ;)

Nise', yeah I learned the hard way :) but I'm wiser now LOL!

Yvonne, I should have been warned by the name but I needed a book with the letter L and that was the one available ;)

Missy, thanks.. I love that song too, Michael Heart is the artist BTW :)

Sharon, yeah I will probably skip it now too :)
A dry read eh? ;) I guess I'll skip that one too :)

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