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Her Heart His Soul by Kari Thomas

Her Heart His Soul by Kari Thomas

Year Published: 2009

My Rating: 4 stars

452 pages (on Sony Reader)

I got this book through Debra @ Review Your Book, if you are interested in reviewing books you could contact her :) She is such a sweet lady!!

Sara Winters is an antique book collector, searching for a rare book that may or may not exist. While looking for it in France she encounters visions of her father being brutally murdered back home! But it was too late to rescue him.. the problem is the company he is working for PFI insists it was a car accident and he has the bruises to prove it.

Determined to look for answers and uncover her father's murderer, she goes looking for his acquaintances.. but before getting a chance to talk to them.. they seem to die naturally!!

Drake Domitaine is a half-angel half-demon warrior, also looking for the book because within it is his salvation.. with it he would be able to turn back to his angel warrior self and redeem his soul..

I don't want to give more about the story so as not to spoil the twists and turns, but it was a great read.. I loved Sara, she is such a character, determined to save all the people she cares about no matter what the outcome.. and Drake.. the magnificent Drake .. he is so demonly handsome in an angelic way :)

The book kept me turning pages as fast as time would allow me, because I just NEEDED to know what will happen next.. filled with action and romantic moments!

Quotes I liked from the book..

The remaining scenes of her vision came flooding back into her mind before she could stop the rush of the too vivid images; the splattering of blood onto the white walls and spotless floors, the horrified shrieks of terror, the encompassing black void sweeping into the room to swallow all sights and sounds.

No matter what I have to do, I’m going to find the truth.

“Ah, Venetrix, you are a contradiction I didn’t expect.”

When he suddenly raised his brows and then grinned sexily at her, Sara nearly choked on her embarrassment. “I said wow aloud, didn’t I?”“Yeah.”

That sexy, teasing smile that could make her heart flip-flop returned to his mouth. “I am forty three hundred years old.” He grinned boyishly and she bit back a soft sigh. “My kind age gracefully.”

Don’t ever doubt that both sides of my nature are dangerous, Somsemoh,” he murmured silkily. “One side can kill you, the other can destroy your soul.”

He knew he would remember her expression for the rest of his eternity. The shock and horror on her face and in her eyes would haunt him forever. It ripped away a little piece of his soul he couldn’t afford to lose.

He had given her his protection. The least she could do was to give him her respect.

"The supernatural world isn’t as secretive as it once was. Every government in the world knows of the existence of demons and all other beings out there. Haven’t you noticed the increased interest in the paranormal, in books, movies, in discussions? It’s eventually becoming an accepted fact.”

He finally spoke. “Sara, you have to look at me some time or another.”She sighed without turning around to face him. “I’m afraid to see the anger on your face.”

“I care, Somsemoh. I care to the very depths of my soul."

“That really was Lance, wasn’t it? The very same I-would-rather-eat-you-than-look-at-you Lance?”


Blodeuedd said...

Sounds good :)
Something I'd like to read.

I wanna do reviews too :)

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Blodeuedd, it was good and refreshing :)
You could contact Debra, she is great!

The Book Resort said...

"He knew he would remember her expression for the rest of his eternity. The shock and horror on her face and in her eyes would haunt him forever. It ripped away a little piece of his soul he couldn’t afford to lose." I'm MeLtInG...

DeSeRt RoSe said...

The Book Resort, yeah I know what you mean it gave me the same effect :) he is so sweet :)

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