Friday, February 13, 2009

Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

Year Published: 2006

My Rating: 4 stars

352 pages

Weight: 13.6 ounces = 0.85 lb

This is the 6th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series (Southern Vampires).

It starts with Quinn paying a visit to Sookie in her house for two reasons.. the first is to ask her to go out with him and the second to inform her of the Queen's wish that she goes to the vampire conference with her.. Then she is requested to go to New Orleans to close down her former cousin Hadley's apartment who has been murdered weeks before by a fellow vampire..

She is attacked twice, both times with Quinn with her!! Making her wonder who the target for the attack is.. her or Quinn or both? Or is Quinn behind these attacks?!A lot of action and bloodshed occurs..

I liked this book although I didn't like Quinn in the beginning then I kinda got used to him.. he seems sweet.. or is he?!

The tiger thing started to appeal to me.. creepy eh..?!

Bill turns out an even worse JERK than he was before.. if that is even possible!! You just want to light him up for hurting Sookie!

A lot of action happens, with some surprises here and there ..

I'll be starting the 7th book very very soon :)

BTW, I really like this cover of the book, it describes my imagination for the story and I just adore the tiger :)

A favorite quote from the book..
Quinn was drying himself off, and he turned around to show me his muscular derriere. "Fur-free," he said. "Can I share the bed?"

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Vickie said...

I like Quinn. I keep hoping that Sookie is going to find the right guy, but keeps going for the bad boys, or potentially bad.
I am listening to #4 DEAD TO THE WORLD now in the car...nekkid Eric.....

Desert Rose said...

Yeah well I started liking Quinn after book 6.. his character is great..
I know she goes for the bad ones.. poor Sookie.. I really hope she unds up with someone who deserves her :)

WOW you are listerning to book 4!! That is way too cool!! you can hear Eric the Naked!! mmmmmm I'm envious ;)

Alaine said...

I loved the audio version of these books. Here's my review

Desert Rose said...

Thanks Alaine for the link.. I just added it to my post :)

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