Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Uninhibited by Jax Cassidy

Uninhibited by Jax Cassidy

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 4 stars

30 pages

This was a free book from Smashwords !

After much pushing and encouraging from her two best friends who she nicknames the "smutty twins", she goes to a gathering and meets a guy and hit it of.
He then texts her and calls, they go out on a date and the fun starts.
But they have agreed to have fun with no strings attached, once the night is over, she has second thoughts about the no strings theory..
Will he have the same feelings or was it a one night stand for him?

Although I have never read a book by this author before, when I found it free in Smashwords I thought I could give it a try and since I seem to be into short stories these days I felt like reading it.
I was not disappointed. It was really good. True it was short but the story was nicely done and I enjoyed the writing and the characters.
I will be looking for other books by this author.

Be warned, this is an erotica book :)

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:
We fit like the primary colors, when blended made the perfect shade.

"Tell me you want me," he demanded, yet it sounded like a subtle plea.
I expelled a deep breath. "And what if I want you. What if-" i turned my head away and he ran a knuckle across my cheek.

"What are you so afraid of? Who hurt you so much that you can't see the truth from the lies?" he asked softly.

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