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Colters' Woman by Maya Banks

Colters' Woman by Maya Banks

Year Published: 2006

My Rating: 4 stars

272 pages

This is the first book in the Colters' Legacy series.

The Colter brothers; Adam, Ethan and Ryan, live in a remote cabin in the mountains. They have been waiting to find the right woman for them.. Yup, woman!!

When one day, Adam finds a woman lying in a ditch unconsious near their cabin, he carries her in and is struck by the feeling that she is the one! The brothers all seem to agree but will she accept being the mate of 3 gorgeous brothers?

At first I was not sure about this book, I'm not really into this group relationship thing. But when I started the book it sounded intriguing from the first page. So I was caught up in the book and really enjoyed it.

What made me give it 4 stars instead of 5, well, the story was great, the characters were perfect but I had some trouble with some of the writing. Some of the phrases were kinda cheezy which made me literally cringe. I don't know if this is the authors style since this was the first book I read for her, but I did go on and read 2 short stories related to this book, "Callie's Meadow" and "Colters' Wife".

I had some trouble with Holly being a virgin and just meeting 3 strange men then giving herself to them totally in less than 2 days. But although the 3 brothers were having their fun together with her, it didn't feel crazy. I didn't realize that until I finished the book then I understood that that was because they were only into her and not into each other. Which made it kinda ok :)

As for recommending this book, if you are into menage and some erotica then this book is for you!
I do plan on reading whatever books turn up in this series.. cuz I really liked the men and want to know what happens next :D

Quotes I enjoyed from this book:
She paused at the doorway enjoying the sight of the three men. Ryan was sprawled on the couch, beer in hand. Ethan sat at the computer, aimlessly clicking the mouse. Adam stood by the fire, his stance one of impatience.
But ryan was subborn, and once he'd made the decision, no one had been able to sway him. He'd left a cocky, arrogant young man and come back a brooding, tortured soul.
They rode around to the back and stopped outside the barn. Ryan slid from his horse then held up his hand to help her down. She landed inches from him, his body heat reaching out and enveloping her. He smelled so damn sexy. Just like a man should. Of wood, leather and a hint of wilderness.
She placed her hand on his hard chest, unable to resist the temptation. His heat seared her palm.
"We're not saints, Holly. We've had our share of women, but we're not faithless jerks. Adam wouldn't screw around with another woman. Not after committing himself to you."
"Baby, I'll always protect you, but that isn't why you're here. Ryan's a dumbass. He talks to hear his head rattle, I swear. If you want an explanation as to why you and not her, well I don't know. I can only tell you what I feel here."
He clenched his other hand into a fist and thumped his chest. "It's you, baby. And maybe in time you'll believe that."
There was no explanation for the change she felt blossoming within her. It surged and swelled until it was all-encompassing. It demanded release. Wanted acceptance. Wanted her to acknowledge it.
For the first time in longer than she could remember, she felt completly at peace with the direction of her life.

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