Saturday, May 29, 2010

Savage Cravings by Marie March

Savage Cravings by Marie March

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 1 star

43 pages

Vampire Viggo can have any woman or man he wants, since they are available all around him in his so called harem, because he is their ruler.
Now he is bored, he has been looking for centuries for his eternal soul mate and can't find her.
So when he sees Dayna, Earth daughter of Danu he knows she is the one.

As for Dayna, she is cornered and feels she will die, the only regret she has is dying a virgin.
Then she wakes up to some gorgeous guy doing some things that are totally new to her, waking a new sensation within her.

Now the beast within Viggo is threatening to overcome her, so could she tame the beast!

The best thing about this book was the cover, well and the teaser sample!

I don't remember a book I rated this badly, I feel so guilty for doing it but I have to give my honest opinion or I will lose my self respect!

The beginning was really good which was the teaser that made me buy the book, then I was shocked! since I downloaded the sampler from Amazon then bought the book!

I felt I was cheated of a good book, it just spiraled downward. I know it was supposed to be erotica, but to me it was just porn, nothing erotic about it and the beast thing was just plain annoying. She was a virgin and miraculasly she knew exactly what to do to control the beast, yeah I kinda spoiled the ending, but I think you knew it was coming :)
Plus the use of some vulgar words for my taste, for example the use of the word tw*t, which I truly dispise. And her sticking a strawberry up his ***, I can't really write the passage here but it's very disturbing. I won't be able to look at strawberries the same way again.. Traumatized for life :(

I truly apologize to the author for being this blunt, I'm sure there are some people out there who will appreaciate her work, I'm just not one of them!

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:
In the face of the most handsome male she'd ever encountered, unblinking eyes the color of purest turquoise stared down at her. Dayna's heart skipped a beat and the man's pupils dilated. Those eyes, she had seen those same eyes in her dream the night before.

Quotes I disliked from the book:
Attuned to her wakeful state he glanced up. Blood smeared around his mouth like a fruit juice stain. "Your blood is sweeter than nectar. I believe I shall enjoy yout monthly bleeding." *YUCK!!! I know he is a vampire but come on!*
"Viggo, you can't expect me to.. you have to give me time to adjust especially after ripping into me like a chimp on a coconut." She pouted, "You're not exactly tiny you know. Besides, you about flooded the bed with your... stuff."

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