Friday, September 25, 2009

Out Of The Box (The Edge Series #3) by Kallysten

Out Of The Box (The Edge Series #3) by Kallysten

Year Published: 2007

My Rating: 3 stars

49 pages

Genre: Romance/ Dark Fantasy

Another adventure with Virgina and Anando, this time she gives him total control but at the same time thinking of it as weakness.
Then he gives he total control to prove his point!
Very nice short read :) but I should warn you it's erotica with vampires ;)

Quotes I enjoyed:
"Weakness?" he repeated. "You think giving control to someone else makes you weak?"

"What you showed, Virgina, is the very opposite of weakness. You entrusted your body, your pleasure and your very life to me, when you couldn't know what I would do with any on them, That's not weakness. That's courage, and audacity. It takes more bravery to surrender to a lover than it does to accept such a gift."

"I'd say 'mine'," he murmured, his low voice sinking beneath my skin and settling there like a purring cat, "but after tonight, maybe 'yours' would be more accurate."


Blodeuedd said...

Aha, I see :)
Have not heard of the author, sounds perhaps interesting, I don't know with erotica these days

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Blodeuedd, yeah I'm kind of choosy with erotica.. This series is ok until now, I hope it continues like this and doesn't get more graphical or hardcore.

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