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Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson

Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson

Year Published: 2009

My  Rating: 5 stars

163 pages

This ebook was recommended to me by Nene from the M/M Romance group in Goodreads for the Quarterly Gang Bang Challenge.

This is one of the hardest reviews that I remember writing. The reason being I so much enjoyed this book and lived with the characters, it felt so alive and I kept going back to remember some scenes or quotes from the book.
It was so endearing and touching on so many levels. It was so hard for me to start another book after it and get into the feel again. It just drained me emotionally but in a very good way!

If there was a rating higher than 5 out of 5 stars I would have given this book. I could not recommend it enough for those M/M romance fans. Specially with the themes of Gay For you, Friends to Lovers, and Virgins.

All Chaz ever wanted to be was a Needle Gunner, since he has natural instincts and perfect reflexes.
So when he starts in the Lunar Academy of Excellence he is partnered with a Needle Pilot called Ferron, who just lost his partner a couple of months ago.
Now he is in for a real surprise, since Needle partners not only share there lives but also their skin. He discovers that to fly the Needle in the best manner and to have the perfect reflexes partners have to be really close to each other, and I mean really close.. Inside to be specific :)

All this to get ready for any invasion from the Lobster like aliens that could attack the Earth. So these heroes risk their lives and skin to help keep everyone safe on Earth.

So for Ferron to ready Chaz for this event, he slowly but surely tries to have Chaz relax with being in close proximity with him, specially that they share the same sleeping quarters and same bathroom.

It was not easy for Chaz since he was straight, or thought he was. even with a girlfriend back home. So he had to come to terms with his inner feelings and try to accept who he truly is.

I can't recommend it enough for M/M fans!!

Note: I loved the cover of the book, but it's quite revealing for me to put on my blog so I apologise :)

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:
"In order to make it work, you're going t o have to listen to orders and do what I say. Inside the Needle, the pilot outranks the gunner every time. And our lives may depend on how close we and and how quickly you follow my lead. Understand?"

"Chaz." Ferron lifted his chin with one finger, forcing Chaz to look up at him. "I'm sorry if my bluntness bothers you. But tell the truth..." His eyes softened and his voice dropped intimately. "Do you really hate it when I hold you down, when I force you to hold still while I touch you?"

"Spread your legs, Brighton," he said and there was a steely note of command in his voice Chaz knew he wouldn't be able to disobey, "Get ready to be fucked."

"What do you want?" Chaz asked, forcing his mouth to move. It was an effort just to get the words out.
"To take care of you," Ferron said curtly. "Like I do every night, Green Eyes."
"Not tonight." Chaz stepped into the shower, barely even wincing as the boiling water hit his flesh.

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