Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beach Challenge - Anthology

Beach Challenge - Anthology

Year Published: 2010

My Rating: 4 stars

69 pages

I got this book through Xcite books to review.
It is M/M Erotic Romance. It's hot so beware :)

This is an anthology of five erotic short stories, it was short and sweet. I enjoyed most of the stories so I will review each one briefly so as not to spoil the fun :)

1. Beach Challenge by Elizabeth Coldwell (5 stars)
Reuben seems to have the right challenge to get the guy he wants, in a very fun way. Giving them a chance for privacy and a night he will never forget.Very sweet and nice :)

2. A Birthday Present by Ruth Ramsden (3 stars)
A guy gives his lover a birthday gift different than any other, introducing him to a new level of bondage.

3. The Anniversary Gift by Garland (5 stars)
Huston is an erotic writer who tries to add some flare into his love life with his lover Sug when things start to get dull. Is Sug ready for this addition? Really sweet! My favorite from the collection!!

4. Slash And Burn by Michael Bracken (3 stars)
Two skateboarding partners/lovers have a new encounters that changes their lives and portraying one of them as the Skateboard Hero.

5. The Collaring by Penelope Friday (2 stars) 

A formal binding celebration  is to be attended to bind the Master to his Slave. It includes some public humiliation. My least favorite!

Some quotes I enjoyed from the book:
"Like what you see?" he asked
"You know I do, Sug," I answered.
"You don't look like you do,"

"Sug," I spoke gently and laid a hand on his beating heart. "Please, don't take this personaly."
"Are you giving me the, we-need-to-take-some-time-apart, speech?" he asked still not looking at me.

"You'd cry too, Huston, if you couldn't turn on the man you loved."

"I'll be home late," he said pecking my lips. "Behave." He indicated the basement . I can't believe he actually implied that! Maybe he had heard the unwarranted guilt in my voice after all.
"Don't worry, Sug. You know the only other men in my life are the ones I write about."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Desert Rose,

I've just caught up with your review of the book - so thrilled to read your nice comments and I'm glad you enjoyed my story. You look like you have fun putting the blog together - keep it up!

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