Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rot by Michele Lee

Rot by Michele Lee

Year Published: 2009

My Rating: 5 stars

56 Pages

Dean just started his security job at Silver Springs Specialty Care Community. A facility specifically built to care for your deceased loved ones.. The ones that are undead actually.. the ones that were turned into zombies by their families because they just couldn't let go. But after a while discover it's not easy to care for these people therefore they put them in this facility to take care of them..

But sometimes things are not what they seem..

When Dean unites with 2 zombies, Amy and Patrick.. they together discover there are some zombies that have mysteriously disappeared. But where they disappear is truly haunting !!

I read this book almost in one sitting.. it was so hard to put down.. I only did so to get the kids ready for school then there I sat till it was over..

I loved it so much although I'm not into zombie books, but this was very captivating.. I will look forward to reading other books by this author.. the writing style was so engrossing and alive..

It reminded me of the importance of letting go.. Since lately I had to learn it the hard way!

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:

"Which would you prefer, Dean? Being one of those things out there, rotted to mindlessness, or being locked in a dead body, knowing that's the future you'll face? Knowing that someone loved you enough not to let go, but didn't love you enough to care for you themselves? Instead, they locked you in here where they didn't have to see or smell you, but could take comfort in the idea that you weren't exactly dead anymore."

It used to be that death, maybe even a long or violent one, would be the worst thing you'd ever have to face. In the few skirmishes I'd served in, other soldiers had taken some comfort in knowing that. But then, that was before they started raising people from the dead.

The world felt empty and full at the same time. The cloudless, cool night gleamed with stars so far from the main lights of the city. It looked like some of them had come aground and gathered in a long circle in the grass. There were rose petals in the center: white, red, pink and yellow. I was unable to find enough of one color so I had grabbed all the little bags of them that I could find. Around the oval of light, lilies, daisies, and orchids were spread along with roses. The candles filled the night air with a miasma of scent: lemon, vanilla, strawberry, pine and cinnamon.


Anonymous said...

That sounds really good. I am going to check this one out for sure!

Ceri said...

I've yet to read a zombie book but this sounds awesoome :D

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Insert Book Title, it was really good :)

Ceri, yeah I thought so too, but this is good :)

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