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Night Moves I by Kiernan Kelly, Matt Brooks, Erastes and Kira Stone

Night Moves I by Kiernan Kelly, Matt Brooks, Erastes and Kira Stone

Year Published: 2008

My Rating: 4 stars

273 pages on Sony Reader

This is an anthology of vampire tales that are quite gay.

Theron's Boys by Kiernan Kelly:
Christian is a newly turned vampire that after only 3 years started to regret his choice and considering finding ways to rebel on the sire that so entranced him in the first place.

Inferno by Matt Brooks:
A vampire in the making having a fast night with a full vampire that offers to help.

Chiaroscuro by Erastes:
An artist is asked to paint someone by his family's provider. When he meets him he almost goes insane.. only to discover he is not just a normal guy.. adventures are to happen in the drawing room :)
I really hope their is a sequel for this one!!

Immortal Steps by Kira Stone:
Tian is a dancer and a very good one too.. He is followed by his most dedicated fan only to discover who his true identity is and what Tian could be if only he wanted.
Marked and hunted, he is running for his life!

This anthology was very good, I was so engrossed in it.. Every story is unique and captivating in itself. Having different vampire lore and legends mixed up.. Very fun read!

The most one I enjoyed was the last one.. :)

Quotes I enjoyed from this book:

Story 1
Actually, when Christian really thought about it, he realized that he’d jumped into his new life (for want of a better word) knowing very little about being a vampire at all. When Theron had first approached him about joining Theron’s Boys, as he’d called his little club, it had sounded like a sweet gig. Zero body fat, heightened senses, vastly increased strength, all the sex you could handle with none of the usual worries over disease, living forever-all tempting little perks that came with membership.

One man in particular drew Christian’s interest. He seemed to be the center of the universe to the men he sat with, the others treating him with a deference that bordered on worship. The very air around him crackled with power, with danger, and with a raw sexual energy that had Christian as hard as iron in no time flat.

Suddenly, the man looked up at Christian. With one long, elegant finger, he lowered his sunglasses down over the bridge of his nose, peeking at Christian from over the frames. A wily, amused smirk creased the man’s cheek as they’d made eye contact.

Story 3:
He took it delicately and the way he moved towards her I was reminded of an old fashioned dance, a gavotte, or a minuet. He dropped to his knees and bent over her hand and after a moment I had to look away, for the kiss he gave her was every bit as sensual as anything he had done to me. His eyes burned as he looked up at her and I felt myself blushing, feeling childishly jealous as I wondered once more what their relationship was.

Story 4:
“Because you mean the world to me,” Kyle admitted.

It wasn’t natural. It couldn’t be. And yet again Tain knew this was right. He soaked it up body, mind, and soul. He welcomed the surging forces at work in his body, let them change him. Let them strip away the last shreds of his humanity and reveal the vampire inside.

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