Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cover Me by L.B. Gregg

Cover Me by L.B. Gregg

Year Published: 2009

My Rating: 3 stars

226 pages

This is the 3rd book in the Men Of Smithfield series.

I bought this book from Aspen Mountain Press as a ebook but be warned it's a Male/Male erotic thing :)

Michael Finnegan is hired to tutor Kyle Douglas in some of his studies during the summer.. But then he has and encounter with Kyle's brother, Maxwell that ended up with him firing Michael 'Finn'.

Devastated and hurt he goes back to his school job trying to forget what happened during the summer..

But fate insists on having their paths cross yet again when the father of one of the students in the school hires Max to keep his son safe.. as a bodyguard.

Now for the safety of the boy they have to unite and ignore their differences.. or is it the hidden passion in them both :)

This is an erotic M/M, so if you are offended by this type of erotica just ignore this book.. I liked it and it was a fast read.. Actually their was a story and it was done good.. I'm gonna check out the first two books in this series.. for the times in between serious reads like now :D

Some quotes I enjoyed from the book:

“Fine. I expect two things while you are here.” His brow hiked. Too bad. I thrust a finger at him, and not the one I wanted to. “One: that you do not use this bullshit superiority complex on me. Just be straight with me and we’ll get along. And two: that you do not question my authority in the dorm or in the classroom. Treat me like an adult colleague because here we are equally in charge. I don’t answer to you-I work with you.”

“You let me worry about weaponry, Michael; you worry about Shakespeare.”

I tightened my lips and then that son of a bitch pulled out the big guns and floored me with a boyish smile that was all charm and mischief.
Oh shit, I was toast.

Tara smiled at me, that fresh young face taking in every speck of my appearance and behavior to better spread tales online as soon as she returned to the dorm. I was relieved no one had taken any pictures to post on Facebook, or upload onto YouTube. I scanned every hand for a cell phone.

“I don’t own a hair dryer. My hair is an inch and half long, Michael.”


Mandi said...

I love all three of her men of smithfield books!!

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Mandi, I better check out her other books :)

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