Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beloved by Toni Morrison

Year Published: 1987

My Rating: 3 stars

288 pages

Weight: 7.2 ounces = 0.45 lb.

This is a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel based on the true story of the woman slave named Margaret Garner.

In the novel "Sethe" who after escaping from the plantation "Sweet Home" that abused her, ended up murdering her baby daughter out of love!
Then after years, this daughter comes back as a presence in the house where Sethe lives. After being run out of the house by "Paul D" comes back in person!

I liked the story, but the telling of it bothered me. Going back and forth from past to present, from character to character just kept confusing me.
And some things were just referenced to, so you should assume what it means, I hate that.. I prefer things to be spelled out for me!

I'm planning on seeing the movie after reading this book, the story is strong but the authors style is not to my taste so I guess I will avoid this author from now on!

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Jo-Jo said...

Interesting review...I've read a book by her also and I must admit that I don't have an urge to read more books by her.

Desert Rose said...

LOL, you made my day :)
I thought I would be the only person to dislike her style since she got an award for it!
Although the story itself was good specially that it's based on a true story but the ghosty thing is just fiction!

Candy said...

so ppl r avoiding the author,
its my turn :D

i luuve reading,
i liked the way of pressenting the book,nice and simple ^^
i've heard a lot abt the book in ur currently reading,
i should buy it <_<
enjoy ur eve.

Vickie said...

I tend to avoid books honored by Oprah and now I can rest assured that it's okay to do so after reading your review. thankin' you. = )

Sandy Nawrot said...

The latest Monday Musing was about required reads in school, and this particular book came up frequently. Looking back, I don't remember being required to read squat, and certainly not Morrison. You don't seem to be the only one who didn't like her! There is too much good stuff out there to waste time on confusing Oprah books, so I shall pass! Thanks for the head's up!

Darlene said...

I read this one years ago and truthfully can't remember what I thought of it but I did like the movie.

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

I tried reading this book when it first came out, but gave up on it and stopped, one of the few books I've ever done that with. But, don't totally give up on her, Song of Solomon is a great book that I read while in college (we studied it), I highly recommend it!

Anonymous said...

I am there with you on that. I am no good at guessing games or assumptions.

LisaMay said...

What a stunning book cover!

Do you want to do a link exchange?

Desert Rose said...

Candy, Thanx, LOL so you're avoiding her, although Julie says her "Song of Solomon" is good, I might try it when I lighten up my tbr first. You could try that!
Who Moved My Cheese? is really nice and so accurate to what is really happening in life presented in a cute and simple way! I'll be posting the review soon!

Vickie, you are welcome, I guess I should avoid those books too :)

Sandy, thanx for the support :) I know there are so many books out there that I'm SURE I will enjoy so I will go start one right now! I always need a lovable book after I read something like this :)

Dar, I'm planning on watching the movie the first chance I get!

Julie, as I told Candy I might give this book a try once I shed some books of my tbr.. but I will add it on my Shelfari shelf so I don't forget..

J.Kaye, yippee :) you are my soul mate ;)

LisaMay, thanx, but what do you mean by link exchange? I checked your blog and followed you is that what you mean?! sorry this is new to me :)

Candy said...

cant wait for the review,
i can swear that am marrying to my book nowadays <_<

Desert Rose said...

Candy, check out the review :)

Monique said...

Don't give up one Toni Morrison she has some decent books. This one is one of the hardest to read. The style is complex and I when I started it (more 10 years ago)I put it down and will not pick it up until later this month. I think you should try "The Bluest Eyes", it is one of my favorite books but is very sad.

Danielle said...

Not an easy book to read. It infuriated me. Toni Morrison is very much into surrealism. Song of Solomon is even more hard to discern upon reading.

Desert Rose said...

Monique, I'll add that to my tbr.. thanx

Danielle, thank for the tip :)

Sabrina said...

Thanks for providing me with your review. I think Morrisonsstyle to be hard but challenging, too. But sometimes I just am in need for a challenge. I read Paradise by her too. I found the beginning to be: 'What the heck ...?', but it turned out I really liked it. But for now I'm done with Morrison. :)

Desert Rose said...

kolibri, it was my pleasure :)
I might consider checking out another book by her but not in the near future :)

Becca said...

Thanks for linking to my review! I will return the favor!

I also thought the writing style was hard to follow. But I hear this is one of her harder ones. I might try another before I give up on her just because it turned out to be so deep, which I like. :)

Desert Rose said...

Rebecca, thanks for linking back :)
if you read something else by Morrison and you enjoy it do tell me.. I might give her another try :)

Sandra said...

I read every book Of Morrison's as they came out-I loved every one of them-but I dislike Beloved. And it was a shock to me that I didn't like it too. Her other works are very enjoyable, The Bluest Eye, Song of Solomon, Sula-those are her earliest, the ones I loved. Keep an open mind and try her again. You might be surprised.

Desert Rose said...

Sandra, I will.. I'll give her another try and see what happens.. thanks :)

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