Saturday, January 14, 2012

Top Ten by Ryne Douglas Pearson

Top Ten by Ryne Douglas Pearson

Year Published: 2000

My Rating: 5 stars

300 pages

I got this ebook for free from Amazon for my Kindle, when it was for free.

This is my first book by this author and now he is on my favorite list!

Michaelangelo as he prefers to be known regards himself an artist and not a killer. His brutal slayings are arranged as meaningful art to him.
When he discovers he is in the top ten list of wanted men in the USA he finds he is number 10. He is furious!!
So now he is determined to change that and therefore has to climb up that list. By any means possible.
Now an FBI agent is on his tail and her main task is to save number five on the list!
Lots of action, gruesome deaths and a dickless killer.

A top notch thriller like no other, with a ruthless killer that leaves so many bodies behind.
I totally enjoyed it and recommend it for all thriller fans ;)

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