Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daddy Of The Bride by Katie Cramer

Daddy Of The Bride by Katie Cramer

Year Published: 2011

My Rating: 4 stars


I got this book free from Amazon for my Kindle.

Lucy is getting married in an hour to the man she loves for 4 years. But there is one problem, she is in love with someone else too, her stepdad. Cameron is a perfect gentleman and a man unlike her soon to be hubby who she sees as a boy. In the 4 years she had a crush on him he has not indulged her, but now she is getting married and it's her last hope to be with him even if it's for one time. She can't get married without loving Cameron first.

She seduces him while wearing her wedding gown and the deed is done.

A fast and interesting erotic story which I enjoyed. Both characters are ok, but I liked Cameron more for his high sense of self control and for being the man he is.

What I didn't enjoy that much was the light spanking and the role playing they did, it was their first time and they just jumped to it?!

Anyways, for a short erotic book it was wonderful. The writing was good, I liked it. So I'll be checking more books for this author.

Quote I liked:
"You're the only Daddy I've ever known. But until we walk down that aisle, arm in arm, I want us to forget that. Forget being my stepfather."
Cameron's eyebrows narrowed.
"Be my lover."
Shock came over Cameron's face. "Lucy...I...I...can't..."
I placed a finger on his mouth. "Shhh. You can. And you will. I can't marry another man today without letting you know how I feel. I would regret it forever."

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