Sunday, January 8, 2012

Teacher Gets Bought by Chloe Cox

Teacher Gets Bought by Chloe Cox (Erotic Lessons: Double Penetration)

Series: Erotic Lessons #3

Year Published: 2011

My Rating: 4 stars


This is book 3 in the "Teacher Gets" series ;)

Miss Bennett has been enjoying her relationship with Mr. Griffin, always ready to experiment and explore. She discovered that she is a willing sub for him, which was news to her.
She always wanted to experiment more and the thing she really wanted to try was double penetration but it just didn't happen.
One day for a PTA Mr. Griffin put her up for bid.. whoever won her, owns her for the night to do as he pleases.
When she is sold to a man she does not know, she is curious as to what is in store for her for the night. Getting a command from Griff to obey whoever bought her as she obeys him, she is in for a treat..
So when she is blindfolded and manhandeled by more than one man, it drives her insane. That is before they fulfill her fantasy and double penetrate her ;)

Although I don't like bondage or sub/dom stories. This was just on the edge and just so HOT.
I'm totally enjoying this series and hope there is more!        

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