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Hot Head by Damon Suede

Hot Head (Head #1) by Damon Suede

Year Published: 2011

My Rating: 4 stars

320 pages

Dante and Griffin have been best friends since forever.
They are both straight firefighters working in the same station.. They have been there in 9/11 and since that day every year bars in New York honor firefighters with free drinks that night.
Dante is from an Italian family and Griffin is Scottish. MMMMMM both are yummy!!

So Dante is the womanizer and Griffin is having problems lately with having feeling for his friend and trying to conceal it while feeling guilty about it all the time.
When Dante gets short in cash because of a mortgage on his house and for fear of losing it, he is approached by a russian Alek who shoots porno flick for his website. When Alek convinces him that all he has to do is jerk off by himself for the camera and it's only a few minutes for a few hundred bucks.. he agrees.
When he tells Griff about it, he is not so happy!!
But somehow he gets Griff into the idea and they shoot a flick with Alek. But Dante still needs money and Griff would do anything for his friend.. So they go back to Alek and the fun starts :)

I don't wanna give any more about the story than I already gave.. It's fun and touching!

This was an amazing book. When I found out that this was the only M/M book to be nominated in the romance category in the 2011 book awards in Goodreads, I thought I had to give it a try.
I was not disappointed!!! Of course I voted for it!

It was so hot but endearing. The relationship that formed between the best friends was so enchanting and touching. I loved the development of it. The characters were perfect! Griffin  being self conscious about his size and feeling he is betraying his best friend with his sexy thoughts towards him, while Dante seems carefree and a womanizer but surprises me in the end with his inner feelings.
The Gay For You theme is one of my favorite Gay themes. It also comes under Friends To Lovers, and I love that too :)

This was my first time to read by this author, but I will look out for other titles by him. That was something else that amazed me, that the author is a male.. I'm kinda used to reading M/M by female authors, so this was kind of a change and I enjoyed it!!

Thank you Damon! You Rock!!!

The cover!! OMG the cover!! It is smoldering hot.. I love it! I'm imagining Dante the one in the back and Griffin the one in the front from the descriptions in the book.

I could go on and on about this book but I will just ruin it.. It is a recommended read for all M/M fans..

Ok now since I looooooooved this book, why did I give it the 4 stars instead of 5?! Well that's a personal choice because I don't really enjoy reading the weird sex terms that some writers use. For example "flog the log" and "salty handshake". I was annoyed that masturbating was referred to differently every single time.. It was hard to keep up. That's why I say it's personal choice, it does not take away from the story, and I did think maybe it was there for a reason like to show that the guys are macho or something, so maybe they did add to the story but to me it didn't.
That will not change my ind about reading more books though :) It was steaming HOT!!!

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:
Loretta smacked his head, smiling. "What am I, an idiot? The girl! You got some piece you can't stop mooning over."
"You're crazy."
"And you're stupid, but you're so good-looking we all have to forgive you." Her nails tickeled his beefy forearm. "I know that look Griffin. All through high school I hoped you'd give that look to me, so I always knew when you were getting goofy over somebody."

Dante played it to the hilt, smiling sheepishly with the big dog eyes and tucking his hair behind his ear with an "aw-shucks" sexiness that kept his fans creaming in their thongs.

Griff stepped a few more feet away, then stared right into his best friend's worried eyes. "D, I don't care what it is; I don't care what I have to do. You decide. Okay? I promise you. We will get the full amount to them, on time."

"I'm hardly a virgin." Dante opened his arms and looked down on himself. "I done way worse for way less, believe me." 
"Doesn't the idea freak you out, D? Us, together like that?"
"Why? It's just us, man. We done everything together."

Then those eyes, black as judgement. Griff raised his hand and almost touched Dante's face. Almost, but he stopped at the last moment, stunned by the heat and Dante's vulnerable expression. Griff swallowed, swallowed again. He could feel his whole body brace, the muscles like knotted rope.
He heard himself murmuring.

"But what if you don't listen, jackass? Tomorrow you might have empty-wallet amnesia. If you get desperate, you may not want to remember anything about tonight." Dante thumped a thigh with his fist, next to the bulge under his zipper. "Then stick your damn tongue in my mouth, G. I guarantee that'll get my attention."

God save us from possessive Italians.

"I'm cleaning up a mess you made. You think I didn't watch you on the site, flirting with Alek. A hundred times? A thousand? You think I don't know every word you said, that I didn't want to flush myself down the crapper every time you winked at him or licked your fucking mouth like you were gonna let him blow you? Like it wasn't an axe in my head?"

"You fucking wish. You ain't a charity, and I'm too fucking expensive."
"All pains in the ass are pricey. Goes with the territory. You don't scare me."

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