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The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell K. Hamilton

The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell K. Hamilton

Year Published: 1995
My Rating: 5 stars
352 pages

This is the forth book in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series.
Anita's got a new client asking her to look for his missing wife, he can't go to the cops because she is a werewolf and owns a butcher shop. If that is revealed she could loose her business.
So since anita is not an investigator she refers him to her friend Ronnie.

Anita soon discovers that Peggy is not to only lycanthrope missing, but seven others are too and no clue as to where they could be.

She is also called by the police to help solve a murder that looks like it could be paranormal related but in a different county.

Dating Richard now but discovers some new side to him not revealed to her before, to the joy of Jean Claude who is consistently persueing her :) How fun!! A vampire and a werewolf :D

We meet new creatures and shapeshipters.. some good and some really nasty!!
A lot of action and gore in this book, it does not disappoint. Loved it to bits :)

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:
I seemed to be speaking English, but perhaps my questions were really Swahili and I just didn't realize it. Or maybe whatever had happened was too awful for words. That happened a lot in my business.

The wind gusted cold enough to take my breath away as I neared the corner and relative safety. I wore a lot of sweaters in the winter, but tonight I'd wanted something dressier, and I was freezing my potooties off, but I was hoping that Richard would like the red blouse.

"He means that much to you?" There was surprise in his voice. Great.
"No, you mean that little." I stepped away from him, around him. Gave him my back and walked away. Let him sink his fangs into that bit of truth. Tonight, I meant every word.

"What's up, Dolph? This was supposed tobe my night off."
"Sorry the murderer didn't know that. If you're too busy, we'll muddle through without you."

In any case, Richard had given me exactly what I'd asked for: scary, intimidating shapeshipters. I wasn't used to getting exactly what I asked for. Next time I'd be more specific.

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