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Bloody Bones by Laurell K. Hamilton

Bloody Bones by Laurell K. Hamilton

Year Published: 1995
My Rating: 5 stars
384 pages

This is the fifth book in the Anita Blake Vampire Series.

Anita's has got a new client, who is willing to pay six digits to raise a graveyard full of centuries old corpses to end a land dispute. She flies with Larry to go check it out since she is the only one in the country who could do it.
Then disaster strikes.. Teenagers are found slaughtered and brutally murdered not very far from where the graveyard is, so Anita is called by Dolph to go inspect it.. Then another girl is murdered in her families home.. and her brother kidnapped. Knowing it's a vampire related murder, she asks Jean-Claude for help to get to the Master of the City of Branson, Missouri "Seraphina".
They go meet the Seraphina and endure her torturous ways all in the sake of rescuing the young boy from a horendous end.
With Fae involved, old legends and lore, it gets very interesting, plus new facts about vampires..

No surprise, a lot of action, violence and gore.. Amazing book!!

Quotes I enjoyed from this book:

People who don't camp much think darkness falls from the sky. It doesn't. Darkness slides from the trees and fills them first, then spreads outward to the open places.

"Bloody Bones is a strange name for a bar and grill."
"Maybe they serve ribs," I said.
He made a face at me. "I could not face barbecue anything right now."

"Remember the three rules of vampire hunting. One: Never, ever look them in the eyes. Two: Never, ever give up your cross. Three: Aim for the head and heart."

I could feel dawn pressing against the windows like a cool hand when we got back to my room. It was very near. Jean-Claude smiled at me. "The first time I manage to share a hotel room with you, and there is no time." He gave an elaborate sigh. "Things never work as I plan with you, ma petite."

I have never seen him after dawn when he was dead to the world. I wasn't sure I wanted to see.

Jason lay back against the pillows. He raised one knee, his hands lying across his stomach. He looked relaxed, lascivious, but his eyes stayed on Jean-Claude.
"You are almost the perfect pet, Jason, but do not provoke me."
"You never said she was off limits."
"I am saying it now," Jean- Claude said.
Jason sat up on the bed. "I'll be a perfect gentleman from now on."
"Yes," Jean-Claude said, "you will."

"Get dressed, my wolf, and you, ma petite, you must change as well."

"Stop calling me Lawrence. The name's Larry."
Jean-Claude sighed. "You have trained him well."
"He came that way," I said.

"You are beautiful." She ran her fingers along the edge of his jacket. "I thought they'd lied. That nobody could be that beautiful." She fingered the mother-of -pearl buttons, starting at his neck and working down. Jean-Claude moved her hand when she reached the last button before the shirt disappeared into his pants.

Jason lay down on the bloody floor. I blinked at him. "The neck hurts less," he said, just as if I'd asked. Jean-Claude crawled on top of him. Jason turned his head to one side without being asked.

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Oh that sounds like a good one - I am not familiar with the series.

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