Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Afraid by Jack Kilborn (J.A. Konrath)

Afraid by Jack Kilborn (J.A. Konrath)

Series: Afraid #1

Year Published: 2008

My Rating: 5 stars

384 pages

I read this book back to back with this author's other book Trapped.. Now I know I need a break! Either I will become mentally instable or turn in to a serial killer!
I meant that as a compliment. I LOVED this book!

Safe Haven was a safe haven for it's 907 residents. Unfortunately for them a helicopter crashes in the woods who has 5 members of a Red-Ops team.. who are a team created my the military to be dropped behind enemy lines.. their main objective is to Isolate, Terrorize and Annihilate. They are Hannibal Lector incarnate with Rambo training! OUCH!

Now these 5 Red-Ops are roaming the town doing exactly what they do best. With a lot of violence and gore!

It's up to an aging sheriff, a single mom and a firefighter to try to make sense of it all and to save their town or actually what's left of it.
When phones and cell networks begin failing, in addition to the power failure in the whole town and the road block that blocks them from leaving town, they start wondering.. what if these monsters didn't come here by accident. Maybe there is a reason behind that. Is it possible to save this town?! Or at least save themselves..
With a few twists and turns and some surprises that are just perfect.. The story flows..

It was an amazingly fast read, it was so hard to put the book down, I really wanted to know what happens and why these people were even there.. If you could even call them people!

This author has been pushed to the top of my favorite author list. Wonderful story flow and wonderful writing!! I love his style :)

Recommended for those who like horror with gory violent scenes :) I usually don't like horror movies but horror novels are ok!

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