Thursday, February 11, 2010

Whiskey Sour - Jack Daniels Mystery Book 1 - by J.A. Konrath

Whiskey Sour - Jack Daniels Mystery Book 1 - by J.A. Konrath

Year Published: 2004
My Rating: 5 stars
292 pages

Lieutenant Jacqueline 'Jack' Daniels is having such a bad week.

1. A serial killer in Chicago is on the loose, killing women and mutilating them, then displaying them for the public to see his handicraft. Leaving a gingerbread cookie as a calling card.

2. She gets dumped by her boyfriend

3. She has chronic insomnia that will drive her mad.

Then the Feds get involved with the help of their 'Vicki' and profiling, and Jack's partner Herb is pushing her to start having a life outside the force, he then convinces her to get a date through a dating service and ends up with surprises on her dates :)

Now Jack is next on the killer's agenda, will she get to catch him before he strikes again?

This was such an interestingly fun book to read, it has humor all over.. Jack's character is so much fun you can't help laugh out loud with her remarks. The murders were grousome and violent, but I have to admire the author's imagination. I loved all the details :P.

I enjoyed it very much and will continue with this series. This author has become one of my favorites!!

Quotes I enjoyed from this book:

Freezing was the curse of the fashion savvy.

"Kind of cold for a jacket like that, Jack." "But don't I look good?" "Sure. Shivering suits you."

They could have been clones. and knowing our government, they might have been.

Herb nudged me quietly. "That's a whole lot of woman." "Spoken by a man with a forty-six-inch waist." "Are you reffering to my washboard stomach?" "Don't you mean washtub stomach? Shh, she's bringing doughnuts."

Actually, I was thinking that once, when I was younger, I had actually considered joinging the FBI. We're all entitled to mements of stupidity, I suppose.

"No one likes an asshole, Jack, until you have to move your bowels."

It's risky, dumping the body that way twice in a row, but it adds to his supernatural mystique. He's lookig forward to the headlines.

"Normally I don't dress until later in the day, but I don't want you getting any ideas."

He has a knack for it. The fact that he's never been caught is proof. There are several tricks he uses, so suspicion neverfalls on him. Never leave evidence. Never establish a pattern. Keep a respectable cover and have an alibi ready. And always plan ahead.

"The last woman I went out with wore way too much hair spray and perfume, When she lit a cigarette I ducked for cover because I thought she was going to ignite."

The clock creeps up on eight o'clock. The spider sits in his web and waits. The fly will be here soon.

"That's four hours. Most women can't scream anymore after the third hour, but I've got high hopes for you. You've got such a big mouth."


Vivienne said...

I love the title and the fact that it is a 'Jack Daniels' mystery.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Vivienne, it seems you have read more than I have in this series.. I will definitely try finishing this series.. it's perfect!!

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