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Betrayed - House Of Night #2 - by PC Cast & Kristen Cast

Betrayed - House Of Night #2 - by PC Cast and Kristen Cast

Year Published: 2007
My Rating: 5 stars
310 pages

Zoey Redbird has become the leader of the Dark Daughters and Sons, plus having the affinity with the 5 elements which is very rare specially for a fledgling. But Zoey is no ordinary fledgling.. The Vampyre Goddess Nyx is watching over her every step and taking care of her.
She just started to settle in the House of Night and feeling like it's her home now, with her loving friends.. When things start to go wrong.. Human teenagers disappear and end up dead, and all the clues point to the House Of Night..
Death strikes in the House of Night tearing up Zoey!!
She then discovers a deep dark secret that could shatter her whole life specially that it's a huge betrayal from the last person she expected!

A very enjoyable sequel to the first book, actually I enjoyed this more than the first .. it was a page turner.. I started to feel I know Zoey specially that the writing is done in such a way that she is talking to you with so much ease and unformality.. it's amazing!!

Quotes I enjoyed from the book:
I watched her leave, and didn't realize I was crying until I felt the tears drip from my face onto my neck. I'd actually forgotten Neferet was still standing beside me, so I jumped a little in surprise when she handed me a tissue.

Maybe the soothing tinkle of the water would help my stress level... and help me forget.

Her sweater was obviously cashmere, and her pearls were long and real. Every time she gestured with her hands the gihugic pear-shaped diamond on her ring finger flashed a light as cold and beautiful as her voice.

"So it is spoken; so it shall be done"

For Zoey
Alluring Priestess
Night can't cloak your scarlet dream.
Accept Desire's call.

I thought about how right Stevie Rae had been. Snow raelly was magical. It changed the world, made it quiter, softer, more mysterious.

Vampyres aren't dead. They're just changed. It was humans who liked to fuel the scary myth of the walking dead, which I was beginning to find more than slightly annoying.

"Stevie Rae, it's ten o'clock PM. We slept forever and now we're so late it's ridiculous."

Eric touched his fingers to his lips, then held her hand out to me as if to offer me his formal kiss, and then pressed those fingers over his heart and bowed his head.

With a very naughty sparkle in his eyes he took my hand, kissed it, and then made a sweeping bow and proclaimed in his actor's voice that carried all around the room, "Hello, my sweet Desdemona."

"Everything that's light isn't good, and everything that's darkness isn't always bad."
Darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good.

It was easy to keep him from pushing me anywhere. I mean, he's cute and all, but he is just a human.

"Not that I hold your un-human-ness against you guys," Heath said.
I sighed. "Heath, un-human-ness isn't a word. It's inhumanity."
"Zo, I'm not stupid. I know that. i was just coining a word."
"Coining?" Had he really said that?

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