Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Illusion by Edmond Cheng

Illusion by Edmond Cheng

Year Published: 2009

My rating: 3 stars

120 pages

A crime is being commited at 2 AM somewhere near the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong. A man has been thrown at sea by a couple thinking they are all alone at that time of night.. but are they?!

Thomas is a successful businessman with his loving secertary then turned wife.. when he is visited by an old aquaintance which he later discovers has passed away a while ago..

Who was the lady he saw?? Did he really see a ghost?? Did it really happen?? Is his work stressing him to the point of hallucinating??

The problem is he promised to do something he is not sure he is very keen to do.. Will he fulfill his promise? Since everyday he postpones doing so something bad seems to happen!!

His wife starts to get worried that something is seriously wrong with him, but is it?!

An interesting fresh read with a twist in this debut novella from this author, that will keep you reading to know what happens in the end. I enjoyed this book as a quick read and would love to check out something else by this author. For those who like supernatural suspense.. this is it!


ds said...

Interesting premise--almost like a Hitchcock movie.
Happy New Year, Desert Rose! May it be a good one.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the book blurb, I have seen this around but I have not looked into it. Adding to my tbr list. Have a great week :)

Svea Love said...

ooh, sounds very mysterious! First time I have heard of this book, thanks.

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