Thursday, December 24, 2009

Erotic Bedtime Stories by Anonymous

Year Published: 2007

My Rating: 3 stars

89 pages

A collection of erotic short stories, nice fun and fast read!!

1. My Bi-sexual Wife
A threesome between a man, his wife Darlene and her best friend Karen on their 1st Wedding Anniversary :) having fun together.

2. Her Secret Closet
Cindy goes to visit her neighbor Sheila, only to be shocked to find her strapped and blindfolded with her husband Randy holding a whip at her.. then inviting Cindy to have a little fun with the couple!!

3. Nice and Cozy
A guy living with his fiance' Jane and her mother Kate.. Mother and daughter are both hot. When his old friend Leslie of his comes visiting.. things start to change at home and the hot nightly visits start with a little fun going all around :)

4. My Daughter's and My, Sex Education
A daughter asking her mother for advise about whether to let her boyfriend do something to her that she is not comfortable with, that the mother objects to too. But then the boyfriend tries to convince her personally :)

5. My Brother's Girlfriend
Something happening between the mom and her son's girlfiend :) with the sister secretly watching!

6. My Holiday at the Lake

A Mom objecting on having a lesbian as a roommate for her daughter, then changing her mind completly after meeting her and having fun with her later on!


Ceri said...

2 stars? Yikes. This sounded as though it would be a good read. I don't mind a collection of erotic short stories.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Yeah I know.. I reconsidered it and changed it to 3 stars!!
It was a good fast read :) you could try it out :D

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