Sunday, February 15, 2009

Acting Like Family by J.J. Massa

Year Published: 2005

My Rating: 2 stars

164 pages

Weight: 6.4 ounces = 0.4 lb.

This book is the first in the Montgomery Family Legacies, it was recommended to me by my blogger friend Erotic Horizon.

I really had trouble remembering the name of the book, I keep thinking it's All in the Family, no it's Always a Family.. then I go back to look at the book to remember the name.. don't know why?!

It's the story of actor Riker Montgomery who happens to have trouble keeping young fans out of his bed, till one night he finds Bet there sleeping.. Right away he knows she is the one and they live a night of bliss..

In the morning Bet is afraid he might think her a loose woman, she disappears, only to realize her mistake when she realizes her love for him. So she tries to contact him and fails, then she discovers she is pregnant so she tries again, but his lawyer tells he that Riker wants nothing to do with her and her baby!!

Then after she delivers the action starts, and she is chased around the country by people who want her and her offspring!! Will she find Riker and will he save her? Or will he just turn his back on his family?

True that it was a reasonably short book and reads fast but so is the details.. The main idea is good but the writing is just not my style.. The plot was also good but really needs some more developing, the information is given in bits and pieces, the way she accepted that Riker is a werewolf was actually no reaction at all.. I did like the sibling joking between Riker and Lakon.. it should have been more.. I guess if the same story was extended another 100 pages it would have worked better for me..

As for the rest of the series, I might and I might not continue.. It really depends on my mood, but for now I'm going to go read something quite different.. Although I do want to know what happens with Lakon, he was really cute!!

It was supposed to be erotic and I don't mind that but it was not my kind of erotic it was more on the mild side :)

Other points of view about this book :)

Erotic Horizon


His Sweetheart said...

Why did I find this story funny lol I mean with the taking-to-bed-thingy lol

DeSeRt RoSe said...

LOL, no actually it's not a comedy but I guess I made it sound like one.. it's kinda romantic/erotic/action in one!
It does make you think, why don't I look for a werewolf for myself ;)

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