Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice

It's a new way for presenting the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, from the beginning till the end it is quite different; the only similarity is that the prince awakens Sleeping beauty from her 100 year slumber.. how he wakes her and what happens next is a completely different story.
It's a quick read since you don't need to think or analyze or solve anything, the idea is that this prince and his mother the queen take in princes and princesses from around the world to discipline them in self control, they are either given to them by their families or won somehow. They are returned after serving a couple of years that is determined by the queen. Their "disciplining" is harsh and cruel although they keep saying it is out of "love".
As a fiction it's a fun read but to imagine anything remotely close to the torture happening is unthinkable, but they never do any real "damage".It was an interesting book.. I never read anything in this genre so it was quite new to me.. but I would like to read the other 2 books to finish the trilogy and know what happens to Beauty out of curiosity.


Bunnita said...

I liked this book too. The second one is ok but the third one wasnt that great. After all the first book is a bit of a shock you cant carry that out through 3 books.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Really?! I keep meaning to get to reading the second book but other books just keep getting in the way :)

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