Saturday, February 4, 2017

Absolution by Sloane Kennedy

Absolution by Sloane Kennedy
(The Protectors #1)

Year Published: 2016
356 pages
My Rating: 4 stars

First of all, I know this book isn't for everyone, it is an M/M/M.
Jonas appears to be a sweet-natured and caring artist that came back to open his dream studio. Unknown to him, Ex-cop Mace knows horrible things about Jonas no one knows. So he is determined to kill him, but something is stopping him. He has been watching him closely for weeks and still can't pull the trigger, something is nagging at him.
Then when Navy SEAL Cole comes to visit Jonas to ask about his long lost sister that he just discovered is lost for good, things start to heat up.
Secrets from the past get unveiled and charge up the air between the three guys. Will the truth be revealed in time or will it be too late for them.

A sweet read with suspense and shooters involved. I liked the flow of the story and the romance was hot! This was a new author for me but I will check more books soon! I might pick up the next in the series ;)

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