Monday, November 24, 2014

The Vampire Awakes by Alexis Raye

The Vampire Awakes by Alexis Raye

Series: Paranormal Erotica Book 1

2 stars

Year Published: 2014


A very short story I got for free from Amazon.

Vlad is a vampire cursed to sleep by a witch and has been resting in his coffin for centuries.
Now he has been awakened by some strange music and finds himself in a bachelorette party mistaken as a male stripper.
Since he does not know what is going on, the girls undress him and their fun starts.
He goes on ravaging the bride to be and a few of her friends in an erotic orgy.
He then leaves the party and finds the witch that cursed him. More erotica in the graveyard!!
Would he seek revenge or ask to be put out of his misery?!
What misery?? He has been screwing since he woke up.. don't really know what's bothering him. Just being a grumpy old vampire.

Did not enjoy the book. I felt it was just some erotica with a kind of a story around it. Thank God it was free!!

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